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31-05-2016, 08:48
Have you had any experience of funny, irritating or just weird wipes while playing WQ:ST?

Here is mine last night. It deals with the Grand Chamber in Ulgu's trial, so I will put it on spoilers for people who have not played this trial and do not want to be spoiled.

Ulgu's Grand Chamber is fittingly named "Overwhelmed". We were playing with my wife she was using the cheap Knight Questor, I was playing with the Shard , so two characters game.

At first it seemed like the easiest possible final chamber, even easier than the Hysh one. This chamber is really easy: when you enter 8 Grot Scuttlings show up and you have to put a dice showing the number 2+number of players of the card. Killing 8 scuttlings as final act? That seemed boring and easy.

But after clearing the room we found out that 8 more goblins kept on spawning every time you clear it until your dice did not show any number, substracting 1 for each time you cleared the room. So ok: this does not seem that hard either. Sure, goblins are not as weak as you may think. They die easily (vigour 2) and have a hard time hitting (5+ combat, 4+ missile) but when each of them has 2 combat attacks, some of them 4 and some of them do 2 damage with each wound, well then can overwhelm you. If you allow a lot of them to attack on their adversary turn, they will most likely kill at least a soft hero (like a shard) and can even kill the tougher one or even both. And the problem is that this grand chamber makes respite impossible, because grots keep spawning inmediately after clearing them up. Objective: make sure no one ever dies.

So it did not take much to figure out the tactic: not clearing the room unless you have a lot of action dices left. That way few grots will attack you. Seems easier said that done, but we managed most of the time to stay fit, until unexpected events started happening. We got LOTS of unexpected events during this event. And unexpected events keep spawning more unexpected events, because a lot of times you will have to set grots and because you will run out of them, they will trigger unexpected events. We got the Ogroid Thaumaturge. Incredibly we survived this, mainly because the guy had bad luck and kept rolling "Bull charge" against two heroes on melee. Afterward a "robbed figure" showed up. We decided to trust him and the guy obviously turned out to be the Gaunt Summoner, who inmediately obliberated my Shard with his fire. The Sigmarine managed to solo him (not that hard, because of the huge ammount of dices you can use once you solo), then managed to kill a lot of grots only to die in an unexpected event that generated more grots.

It was quite funny if you saw it cinematographically. After the Summoner killed me, the Sigmarine turned into this super-hero who refused to die, killed the Summoner and a lot of grots, only to be overwhelmed and killed by some more of these sneaky bastards.

This is great about ST. Something that may seem easy and boring (killing 40 grots) turns out to be quite awesome at the end!

So what is your story?