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31-05-2016, 22:17

I recently "finished" my Astra Militarum project, meaning I have the 1850pts I set the goal to be painted and now I'm looking to start another project. As I mostly like 40k, I decided to post this here. I do accept ideas for other systems as well, AoS, WarmaHordes, Infinity etc. but keep in mind that I would like to do something "unique".

I currently suffer from complete and utter lack of anything creative so I'd like some help, inspiration and ideas from other people! So here is what I'm currently looking for:

1. I would like to make another army, preferably another army that I don't already own. (Space Marines, Eldar, Astra Militarum)
2. It's going to be full-sized, around 1850pts is my standard. This is not exactly a concern, since I'm not playing that much due to lack of actual gaming scene in my area. This means that there is no need for a set list.
3. I would like it to contain as many different units as possible to a reasonable degree. (Not spamming units, but if it fits the theme you are suggesting, go ahead!)
4. Theme for the army, this can be something simple like Iron Hands or more complicated like heavily mutated Chaos Space Marines.
5. This army is in no way to meant to be competitive, if I aim to win I have my Marine army for that.

I hope that gives people enough to go with, if there is something unclear please let me know. Thanks to everyone that take time to answer to my little problem!


- KarampaFIN

01-06-2016, 00:41
The Knight thread got me thinking about Knight Households. They're infeasible for me with my current hobby time budget, but they're a neat idea to workshop.

I know you're against spamming units, but an interestingly constructed household could have a bunch of very different Knights with their own heraldry, and between the GW and FW lines you have some variety options. You could give them each different personalities and histories. One could be a preening peacock with bright shining armor, while another is the battle-scarred cynic rife with grime and suspicion, and another the old King respected by all but harboring a secret lust for immortality. You could also do the various servants of the Knights as infantry.

01-06-2016, 12:18
A mix of eldar, craftworld, dark eldar and harlequins would give you lots of exciting painting and modeling options. You could even convert in corsairs or exodite to proxy different units. I would love to have time or finances to do that

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01-06-2016, 17:57
A new project has to be exciting. Currently, I am excited about upcoming Sector Imperialis bases (https://www.games-workshop.com/en-FI/Painting-Modelling?N=102292+4294965121&Nu=product.repositoryId&qty=12&sorting=rec&view=table&categoryId=cat440136a-flat&_requestid=7293998) and I am trying to figure out what would look upon them. Genestealer Cult from Deathwatch: Overkill? Add in Promethium Relay Pipes (https://www.games-workshop.com/en-FI/Promethium-Relay-Pipes) and upcoming Munitorum Armoured Containers (https://warofsigmar.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/blogging/picture6/849/13313371_10153713157358546_1537824721_o.jpg) and you have a theme-fitting scenery project as well. However, this is hardly a 1850pts project.

Now that I think of it, I may have to steal my own idea and rebase my Genestealer Cult that are waiting to be undercoated...

01-06-2016, 18:31
Thanks for the suggestions, lets keep 'em coming!


Your idea of knights is something that I've been wondering for a while, but I never really wanted to make an army out of them. The Knights lack unit variety, but the knight I painted a while back was the most fun I've ever had painting something. They have so much potential to be anything you want. Your idea is still taken in complete consideration!


I have Il-kaithe Eldar army, so adding Dark Eldar and Harlequins as a whole army to support them doesn't actually sound that bad! You got the best idea for me thus far!


Your idea of Genestealer Cult using the new bases is nice, but they aren't currently exactly an army. I've considered getting the Deathwatch: Overkill for a while now but like I said, they aren't an army as of yet. Thanks for the reminder about the new bases that are coming out!

01-06-2016, 18:33
If you go with it keep us posted with pics :)

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de Selby
04-06-2016, 05:16
Can I recommend building an ork army? It sounds perfect for you because you just want a fun backup project for your main army, and GW is apparently bringing back their black reach starter orks soon too.

You can pick any theme you like. I have one ork army where all the orks are parodies of eldar units, and another force where they're all pirates.

04-06-2016, 08:21
@de Selby

Orks actually just might be army I'm going with. I'm waiting over the weekend planning what to do with the army. Thus far I'm planning very basic stuff, using Combined Arms Detachment for the basis Warband. The plan is to build a WAAAAGH where the main clan is the build using the basic 2 HQ, 6 Troops, etc part and other clans that have gathered for the WAAAAGH will be made using Allied Detachment. I was inspired by Total War Warhammer and how Orks work in it.

I've had the urge to collect Orks in the past but I've always struggled with the colour scheme, even though I'm sure that for some it's not the ideal colour scheme and seeing something else might be appreciated, I'm going with Goffs. I want to practice my white painting skills a bit and I have an urge to paint pure black, as I've have yet to make an army that uses it in more than boots or weapons.


I have some Harlequins and a Solitaire that I bought when they were released, so I just might get another box of 6, a Shadowseer and a Death Jester to finish the set, so your idea won't be left out!

Again, thanks for everyone that posted here, unless someone comes up with another theme that inspires me even more than the Orks do now, I'm going with them.


Aurelius 12 Reborn
04-06-2016, 11:53
I think the most fun I had in modelling projects was my Freeblade Knights. (I've just put them up in the project forum if you fancy a look). There's something really enjoyable about starting from the same point and creating five totally different characters. Plus they're sufficiently large to make centrepieces for modelling in general (mine are on open display in my home and I've had non-modeller/non-gamer friends comment on how cool they look). They also act as good canvases for trying different techniques, practicing freehand and so on. Plus you can get a whole army for half the price of some others!

04-06-2016, 14:02
As I pointed out earlier, I have never had more fun painting something when I did my Knight. Imperial Knights are the single best kit GW has ever released due to the possibility on going completely nuts on it. I do plan at some point get another knight, but as for an entire army of knights I personally don't really see that as fun thing to do. There is also the fact that I love infantry models a lot and making Characters is one of my favourite things to do. My only problem with the knight army comes from the fact that I don't like to play them that much. Knight by himself surrounded by guard for example is cool looking and fun, but having more than one of them running around takes away from the other units I can field. This causes my side of the table to look more and more barren and I enjoy seeing my knight support my troops, not do all the fighting. This is my view of the knight army, it's not the matter of OP or anything, it's just the fact that I don't like the look of 5 knights on the field of battle all by themselves or even having a small force backing them up. To me Knight is a centre piece, something that catches the eye as it towers above your forces.

I took a look of your knights, all of them are superb. Very characterful as well as unique, everything I like about knights and armies in general.