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Sam V.
02-06-2016, 01:07
I have finally decided about my first W40k army.
I bought the Space Wolves codex and the Start collecting box. I would like to start assembling my minis but I have some questions about the equipment choice of my troops.
Do you have any advice for me on which weapons to equip my Wolf lord, my cavalry and my SW pack ?

Thank you very much,

02-06-2016, 11:01
Do you have the Codex Sam?

That will certainly help your choose what to equip your army with - but in the end usually the rule of cool works best for 40k :)

Casper Hawser
02-06-2016, 11:50
I don't play wolves but I think the cavalry can take thunder hammers and storm shields which would probably be best for them.

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02-06-2016, 12:14
from my experience of facing space wolves, Thunder Hammers and Storm shields on the Thunderwolves are very nasty. I'm constantly on the wrong end of these guys charging and they always decimate my chaos space marines.

Sam V.
02-06-2016, 15:30
Yes I have the codex. I just prefer to ask your opinion on a tactical point of view before gluing some stuff that I will never include in my army list. :p

02-06-2016, 16:18
I think the advice so far for thunderwolves makes sense. Thunder hammers and storm shields are good.

Your best bet for the infantry is probably to make them up as grey hunters. That means bolters for most of them and then a plasma gun or two. Maybe a power fist and/or combi-weapon for the squad leader, but probably not.

I'm not too sure about the lord honestly. Wolf lords almost always ride on thunderwolves nowadays. Your best bet might be to build this guy as a lone wolf, or to save the bits to convert a wolf lord on thunderwolf. If you got another box of thunderwolves you could sit him on one of them, leaving you with a squad of 5 thunderwolves and a wolf lord. Pretty sure he'd still want a storm shield, but maybe something like a frost blade to go with it.

Sam V.
02-06-2016, 17:04
Thank you for your answer. :)
I will start assembling my stuff and I am currently working on my first army list..

03-06-2016, 07:06
I prefer to have a couple of TWC equipped with Power Swords or Frostblades, as they strike at basic I, which will usually cut down on attacks being thrown at the TWC.

03-06-2016, 15:49
You need to purchase special weapons that don't come with the SW box sets (or not in abundance) like Meltaguns & Combi-weapons.

Lord: TWC, SS, WC
Grey Hunters: Add HW, Meltagun, Plasmagun, Powerfist
WG Terminators: x3 Dual Lightning Claws, x2 TH & SS
TWC: x1 TH & SS, x1 WC & SS, x1 PF & SS

Here are a few units and what should be included (Note that the Grey Hunters are not to have mixed weapons.. 1 unit with Meltagun & 1 unit with Plasmas are preferred)

Good luck!

04-06-2016, 14:27
The guys just said he is new and then you give him a post full of abbreviations...

It's also probably sensible to only suggest things that come in the box.

Sam V.
04-06-2016, 22:45
I am trying to understand the abbreviations but I cannot find the meaning of some of them.. TWC ? SS = Stormshield ? WC = Wolf Claw ? HW ? TH = Thunderhammer ? PF = Powerfist ?
I really just can't find HW and TWC. Can someone give me the signification of these two ?

Thank you

05-06-2016, 01:30
Twc = thunder wolf cavalry the rest are correct i believe but it has been a long time since i played or looked at a codex. In fact thunder wolf cavalry did not exist when i was involved properly in the hobby :(

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Sam V.
05-06-2016, 20:56
And what about HW ?

Thank you,

Casper Hawser
06-06-2016, 09:18
I think it's Heavy Weapon but I'm pretty s#\] with abbreviations. I'm not keen when people use them myself.

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06-06-2016, 10:46
I think it's Heavy Weapon but I'm pretty s#\] with abbreviations. I'm not keen when people use them myself.

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Grey Hunters can't equip heavy weapons.

Casper Hawser
06-06-2016, 11:13
Grey Hunters can't equip heavy weapons.

Ok clever clogs tell him what HW stands for I don't play space dogs.

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06-06-2016, 13:18
Think he means (additional) hand weapon

Casper Hawser
06-06-2016, 13:30
That's why I don't like abbreviations well done sir

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06-06-2016, 19:46
HW is hand weapon. TWC is thunder wolf cavalry. You got the rest.

Sam V.
07-06-2016, 01:26
Thank you for the answers.
Hand weapons replace the bolter or I can have a bolt pistol, a HW and a bolter ?

07-06-2016, 07:48
They are additional and cost 2 points per model. You don't have to buy them for the complete

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Sam V.
09-06-2016, 01:09
Thank you for the precision,