View Full Version : Goldar and Seoni- Reaper heroes

03-06-2016, 15:05
Here are a few minis that I got to paint for a client. They're both pewter, since I'm sure someone is curious. I've got a bones Goldar that I've been itching to paint up, and I'm sure I'll get to do him sometime soon too.

The skin tones were definitely a centerpoint for both of these. In the past, I made the mistake of using a too light and too pink skin tone on a half naked barbarian, and he really looked as though he'd get sunburned. So here, I went with a more tanned color that I think presents itself as more natural for the super shirtless guy.

Interestingly enough, Seoni has an extremely pink skin tone. That's my client's choice, but it is one that I think works very well for her- giving her a sort of limited pallet look..

Anyway, here they are:



03-06-2016, 15:23
Great stuff, like the limited pallet look and the blue is a nice spot colour!