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06-06-2016, 15:42
* Crrrreeeeeaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkk... *

Long time, no see. I've been painting, I promise, but with two kids, my time has shrunk. Even so, I had a weekend with my old college gaming crew in May and it lit some serious AoS fires. Cool models, fun rules, and the opportunity to just throw a few things on the table for the joy of hanging out with friends. So, I figured I'd try and start up a new plog.

First, I took the lord celestant from the AoS starter and did some conversion work - got rid of the silly shinguards and re-positioned the dew-claw so it didn't look like some vestigial toothpick. Then it was really just a weapon swap - he'll get a shield, too, before he's all done. Here he is at 80%.

Secondly, I love the new stardrake model. I hated his shoulder plates. One of my buddies said it looked like a Tonka truck. So... I cut them off and resculpted muscley dragon shoulders. I made simple press-molds of some of the larger scale patches to apply texture. There's still some cleanup to do, but this gives you a feel for the dragon without his truck-bed shoulder armor.

Hope I can get more done soon, but one can never tell in the realm of parenthood.......

06-06-2016, 16:08
That is lovely! Man, the armour on the dragon bugs me too. You've found a great solution for it. Being a complete mould making AND sculpting noob, I'd love to see in more detail how you pulled that off.

And a lovely paint scheme on the Vandus miniature.

Keep the good stuff coming! (Late at night, when the kids are sleeping peacefully, not disturbing daddy..)

07-06-2016, 16:31
WOW! great work on the stardrake, I was totally planing to do the same at some point but then I got scared by the SCALE of the conversion (see what I did here?:cool:)

Anyway, great job, nice colour scheme. All the best for this new modelling endavour, AoS can be real fun if you take it with the right spirit!

13-06-2016, 12:39
Finished my dracoth rider... I'm not sure whether I'll use him as a lord celestant on dracoth or as a 'champion' of a concussors unit...


13-06-2016, 12:40
Relatedly, the one thing I'm not happy with is my basing. I've done basic stuff like this before but am struggling to find a good basing system that's done well to add coherency to my grand alliance of order. I've looked at the Secret Weapon bases and am leaning a bit that direction. Even so, any input from this talented crew would be welcome!

13-06-2016, 15:32
I don't think there is anything wrong with your basing ATM, it feels simple and classic! If you feel like changing them, my only advice is to think carefully at what kind of terrain you want your bases to reflect... Maybe you already have a gaming table you play most of your games on, or you are planning to make one for the army once finished? The Mortal Realms are weird places of magic, so theorically everything might work, from blood sands to phosphorous snows, but personally I would stick with something classic like you've done, allowing your minis to match most of the terrain you'll probably use in your games.
Did you check the texture colours gw produces? With a bit of effort and Agrellan Earth one can really do miracles!