View Full Version : Battle for Vedros - WHERE?

07-06-2016, 17:40
OK, having trouble finding who carries this thing in the Midwest (Oklahoma/Kansas/Arkansas). Can anyone help?

07-06-2016, 18:09
Battle for Vedros - WHERE?

On Vedros! (sorry, couldn't resist...)

Rogue Star
07-06-2016, 18:43


Hope that helps.

07-06-2016, 20:54
Rogue Star, that did help, thanks. ROAD TRIP! I kinda want a couple copies for demo games at a convention later this year.

11-06-2016, 21:40
Ugh, don't wanna drive to Missouri... lol. Local HobbyTown USA not carrying it.

Elbows of Death
13-06-2016, 03:45
Give them time...if this is as big a product attempt as they seem to be making it, should appear all over in a while.

Garanaul the Black
15-06-2016, 17:27
True Value? Isn't that a hardware store...?

Elbows of Death
16-06-2016, 14:32
Pretty much.

Garanaul the Black
16-06-2016, 22:07
Warhammer: Battle for Vedros, available exclusively at Bed Bath and Beyond, Carmike Cinemas, and Dairy Queen! :shifty:

17-06-2016, 12:17
Well they are trying to target new markets. Perhaps they'll offer a special baskin and robbins deal - get a free boxed set with every 200 of ice cream you order in store.

Bargain :shifty:

Elbows of Death
17-06-2016, 13:44
Here's how I look at it...if it gets some new players in cool. If these stores don't sell much and decide to dump it at 75% off sometime in the next 6 months, swoop in and grab some plastic kits if you like the models etc. Selling stuff in other stores doesn't hurt us. I'd have found it more appropriate at proper toy stores myself, but....GW.

Garanaul the Black
17-06-2016, 14:11
@Blackcherry: that sounds like a challenge that I am up for!

@Elbows of Death: I kid GW, I hope this really takes off and it can't hurt to try new markets. A hardware store just seemed odd though. Although, with the amount of time I've spent at Lowe's since becoming a homeowner, I'd be in DEEP trouble if they carried 40K kits...

Elbows of Death
20-06-2016, 14:44
"Honey I need a new screw driver, and some paint for the porch!"
"And, what?"
"...and some land speeders."