View Full Version : Dealing with mass shooting

07-06-2016, 23:05
Having just come off a two-turn wipe in which between both my flanks fleeing and my Saurus blocks being either magic'd or shot to pieces, how do other players in 8th deal with armies with mass missiles? Is there anything I can do except march toward them as quickly as I can and hope something survives?

07-06-2016, 23:56
What kind of army was it that did it?

08-06-2016, 00:21
Can we have some more information please?

The point value of the game
Your army
The troops you used and the numbers in each unit
Their army
The troops they used and the numbers in each unit

So far all we have is your army, which is Lizardmen.

As a general rule vs heavy shooting lists you have two options.
1. Copy them, sit back outside their range and take pot shots. With Lizards this will mostly need to be magic based.
2. Rush them, terrain may help this as will scouts, vanguards and fast troops, take magical items and spells that boost your speed.

Deployment is important but as we don't know either list all that can be said is you should deploy the weak chaff first and randomly and deploy the main stuff wherever there is a gap or weak point in the enemy shooting.