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10-06-2016, 00:20
I am in the process of painting up some Killa Kans, which are cracking models, shame about the rules...

And my army so far has (or will have) a trukk mob representing each klan and personal transport. The Warboss, most of the character models and vehicle units are Evil Sunz. So basically it's like a Waargh, the Evil Sunz warboss has pulled together a 'pan-ork' warband, but the Evil Sunz are the most numerous.

For the Kans I see two options...

1) Paint them all as Evil Sunz which gives them a strong unified look. (matching my Deff Dredd)
2) Paint each Kan from a different klan, which might be more fun.

I've got 3 of them, armed with skorcha, grot blasta and big shoota. Although these days I tend to use them as rokkit launchers. If (when) I buy some more it might be better to squad them up by what they are armed with, so if the skorcha one is blood axe, add another couple of skorchas and paint them up in blood axe colours although.


10-06-2016, 15:56
I'd say that your When sounds more likely than your If. So I say paint them up in different schemes, and fill out the squads when you eventually add to them. It fits the overall army theme, will be more fun to paint things differently, and eventually it'll look great together!

10-06-2016, 16:21
You don't see mixed colour schemes around a lot as 'strong unified limited palette' is still very vogue. So that's a nice way to stand out. Make sure not to grime the different kans up too much though as that will compromise the effect. Keep each kan equally saturated and bright.

10-06-2016, 21:47
I'd go with both actually. Use the main clan colour for the body, red in the case of Evil Sunz. Make one the Kans into a "boss" of sorts who is the in full Evil Sunz colours and the rest use red for the hull, but extra armour plates, weapons etc would be in other clan colours.