View Full Version : Buying from GW UK while living in the US?

10-06-2016, 22:24
Hi all. Total War has broken me and I am gonna try to get as many WFB armies as I can. It seems like most models are still available from GW. I am checking ebay for OOP models. However I noticed GW.com is sold out of Pistoliers/Outriders. The UK site has them available and I am worried they are going OOP. Should I just wait to see if they go back in stock or is it possible for me to order from the UK site?

11-06-2016, 16:01
Pick it from retailers if possible, go check warstore, it's 20% discount

Smooth Boy
11-06-2016, 19:52
I personally think they're just out of stock and their website is so rubbish it can't tell the difference between that and OOP. I wouldn't worry, I think the main damage was done a while ago. I feel your pain though, paying double money for miners on eBay isn't fun.