View Full Version : How are the Grey Knights in 7'th edition?

17-06-2016, 17:04
So, Grey Knights are one of my favorite looking armies in the game (Not THE favorite, But in the top 5) and, I was curious how they are in 7th edition? Are they playable? Would they work alone, Or with Militarum Tempestus or Imperial Guard allies?

Daenerys Targaryen
17-06-2016, 21:47
Will they work alone? Not if you're wanting them to be competitive and take-on even semi-optimised lists from the likes of Vanilla Marines/Eldar/Tau/Decurion 'Crons. Against non-optimised lists, they'll work decently enough just on their own against pretty much everyone bar Eldar & Tau. (just way too much high powered shooting and/or Interceptor from those guys!)
Obviously they get infinitely 'better' when you add in allies, especially Guard who can provide them with plenty of cheap bodies + anti-tank support.

But then I think it's always been pretty obvious that GW has never really intended for GK's to be a 'traditional' stand alone army anyways...
Back in the Daemonhunter codex days, the studio even came right out and said, 'sure you can make a pure GK's army, but you really shouldn't since they're lacking so many options!'
The army as a whole has almost non-existent anti-tank abilities, and you pay a hefty tax for all those dedicated anti-daemon/psyker abilities when not going up against their preferred opponent.

So basically, they're not an army you really want if you're looking purely for competitive (ie: 'Tournament') play. Otherwise, if you just want a gaks & giggles army for fun, love of their imagery/backstory & theme, they're a great army for non-competitive gaming.

21-06-2016, 02:49
In as few words as possible, my answer would be "Dreadknights or supplemental army."

I've seen worse, but battlefields these days are so lethal that you will be hard-pressed to keep your Grey Knights in the game without a tough anchor like Dreadknights (multiple) or another army with different options to supplement yours.

In a non-competitive environment, they're a solid pick. You need to worry less about such things in that case.

Losing Command
21-06-2016, 06:03
No allies Grey Knights are kinda ok, but definitely not an entry-level army anymore. If you don't like Dreadknights (I sure don't fancy the way the model looks) a stacked Librarian is close to mandatory, perhaps even two. They are pretty much the only way to get acces to any halfway decent ranged anti-vehicle through psychic powers, and the survivability-enhancing powers are also kind of required. In general GK can be very dependant on the right psychic powers and succesfully casting them when needed. If you're going into melee with Canoptek Wraiths and failed to cast Force, you might as well have brought Gretchin :(

And that's one reason I don't like random psychic powers : my GK army just folded over unless I rolled the powers they needed.

21-06-2016, 07:57
well, grey knights have no reason to shwo up to anythign that isn't a daemon or daemon incursion. so no, it shouldn't be a full army.

23-06-2016, 10:17
Ive not played a gks army myself but I've faces them with chaos marines. Funnily enough I've beat them more times than I've lost to them but then again i spam ap2/ap1 like its going out of fashion

23-06-2016, 11:45
I play GK's myself, and to me there is a way to play with the "big boys". This is just spamming Dreadknights to the max. Usually, the first turn then decides who will win the game. I've played with my list against good Tau, Eldar and DA - bike armies (with a lot grav and plasma talons) and this is usually the outcome. I also won tournaments with it.