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Malefic Scholar
06-07-2016, 01:08
Does any one have ideas on rules for experiance that can be carried over from one game to another? Im looking to eventually start a campaign(online on roll 20 if your interested) using the "warhammer armies group" rules and was thinking I would start off with some linked battles where some units would gain experiance or new abilities but at the same time would increase in cost.

i was hoping to have some for some army book specific rules and what have you(like zombies getting poisoned attacks or something)

Any ideas on this?

06-07-2016, 09:50
Perhaps pick up the General's Compendium? It's an earlier edition but I understand that it has a lot of campaign ideas which I would imagine can cross-over to whichever edition you're using.

Holier Than Thou
06-07-2016, 10:18
If you are giving bonuses for earning experience, don't increase the points cost. You will find that people would have to either reduce the size of their units/army as the campaign went on if their choices kept getting better but more expensive or just not bother with the improved units to keep their army the same.

06-07-2016, 10:48
5th edition fantasy had a very good rule set for campaigns.

no one got too powerful if they won loads of games, and new starters could always join without being at too much of a disadvantage.

it may need some modifications to work in later editions of fantasy/AoS but the main ideas still are solid

09-07-2016, 16:06
I can't recall that there has ever been veteran abilities for individual armies I'm afraid. However the following have all had campaign rules that might help:-

General's Compendium (WFB version) - this book is amazing, it has loads of articles, scenarios, terrain build scenarios. If you are looking at running WFB campaigns it really is a good book to pick up as it discusses the different styles of campaigns too. (Try and pick up one with a map of the Badlands). Not bad mouthing the current version but the content in the current release is tiny compared to the old WFB version. It was produced by GW but actually designed by gamers (rather than the design studio) IIRC.
Lustria - A WFB supplement that had veteran abilities included. If you are looking for a ready made campaign this is really useful. Also shakes WFB up a bit by having different terrain to run around in. Try and pick up the version with the map.
Blood in the Badlands - I assume you know about this one (no veteran abilities though)
Mighty Empires - Don't forget the supplement included campaign rules (no veteran abilities though)
Path to Glory (WFB) White Dwarf Supplement - Solely focussed on Chaos warbands though but included character experience.
Slaves to Darkness/Lost and the Damned - Again solely based on Chaos warbands and not balanced at all but a big laugh and never the same experience as there are so many options! Does require playing oldhammer though!
Warhammer 5th Edition (Battle Book) - Campaign rules and veteran abilities.

If I remember any more I'll update the list.

Also you don't need to update the points cost. As long as you keep the bonuses relatively mild and not overpowering then you should be OK because everyone will be developing units at the same rate. Also if you have a method for reducing skills if the unit takes heavy casualties it introduces some interesting dynamics as players are less likely to throw them in regardless.

11-07-2016, 08:54
It's for Kings of War, but the "Destiny of Kings" supplement is a supplement about making your own campaign with one specific campaign as exemple and simple rules for the kind of thing that you want, and it should probably be portable to Warhammer, you would simply have to replace the list of special rules available for veteran units with an appropriate list or special rules or profile upgrades (like +1Ld) for warhammer.