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10-07-2016, 12:36
Hey guy and girls, so im planning on getting a blood angels army started, love thoose crazy imperials, but the problem is, my friend plays grey knights so its power armor vs power armor, all people i know plays power armor aswell, so im wondering what other armies are great fun to play as an alternative army? I know you get kind of spoiled with BS4 and 3+ saves, but its so boring when armies look and behaves the same...

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10-07-2016, 16:09
You want a pure fun army? Orks might be something to think about.
Nid horde is fun for me as well.
Old style wolves etc. are nice also as they make it challenging. No TWC makes for challenging Space wolves games. So do SMs without Cents etc. Any Old style army really makes for a challenge.

10-07-2016, 16:48
- Harlequin weavers
- Tau walkers
- Canoptek Necron
- Tyranid flyer only
- Soulgrinder formation (if you want a really cheap army)

10-07-2016, 18:48
Hm, how about a pure Slaneesh Daemon army, ok a souldgrinder should be in there...

13-07-2016, 18:44
Nid horde sounds fun, but do they have anything that can tear through power armor exept montrous creatures in melee?

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13-07-2016, 21:43
Weight of numbers - like orks - put out enough shots or stabs and some of them will get through.

Elbows of Death
13-07-2016, 22:34
If you plan on buying (and better yet, painting) a new army I'd go with the rule of cool...whatever tickles your fancy or interest you. You'll never get inspired to paint/finish the force if you don't like it (game winning ability be-damned). So, what other races do you like?

13-07-2016, 23:02
I think litteraly all races are cool except chaos and dark eldar, but i dont wanna play stuff my friends play:)
Orks are really cool aswell, BUT my friend is highly interested in them so they are out of the question sadly, the thing i like with nids is then are similar to the xenomorph in Alien and having a horde of them with a few towering behemoths rising above them would be a sight to behold:)
Btw, whats the point cost of hormogaunt nowadays? Termagaunt was 4/model iirc:)

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The Lundenburg
14-07-2016, 01:10
Horms are 5pts base. 10-30 men per squad. Various upgrades for pts per model.

17-07-2016, 20:38
Nid codex ordered, sadly its not put for the 7th edition yet but will do:)

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