View Full Version : Some non-codex orks for trial games

12-07-2006, 01:55
I can't decide what ork clan to be and the rules will probably change anyway so I thought I would come up with some non standard combination units to give myself a feel for the game.

A grot unit with 3 kannon and 1 zzap gun with 20 crewmen with blasters and mekboy, Slaver and squig hound I will use this a screening unit that has the living sheild rule, If it takes casualites my oponent can decide which guns can fire because I have so many crewman it is unfair otherwise.

A unit of 12 feral shooter boys with A big shoota and a BS2 ork with a plasma gun and the oops sorry mate rule.

1 converted 4 legged killer can with 8 inch movement allowance ( what should the new points cost for this be?)

16 stormboyz one with a melta gun BS 1 if he moves and oops sorry mate rule

12-07-2006, 09:41
the zzzapkann'n for the price you would pay usualy, of cause.
and for the fast killakanz +33% of costs