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12-07-2006, 04:53
Hi all,

I ahve the following models:

16 Light Horsemen
8 Heavy Horsemen
16 Spearmen
16 Sword and Shield Men
3 Chariots
36 Bowmen
2 Mounted Liche Priests
2 Liche Priests on Foot
1 Tomb King/Prince in Chariot
1 High Queen Khalida Neferher
1 Icon Bearer

Could any one suggest what to get next?
Also couls someone suggest an Amry List I couls use for now (Any Points Size)
Also most of the units have full commands.


12-07-2006, 05:38
I'd suggest some Carrion. They're fast and cause fear. Plus, flying units are great at taking out warmachines, mages, and supplying a rear-flank charge.

Swarms are nice, but really only act as a temporary wall in most instances.

Skull Catapult is great for what it does, but it does take up a good amount of points. Still, I have never really been let down by it.

Scorpions are always fun to paint, and they look great on the field. They are potentially as powerful as a Tomb Prince, and "...It Came From Below" can really change a game.

12-07-2006, 12:14
I guess it depends on what direction you wanted to take this army in, whether it is fast combat (get more chariots, more heavy cav. for a fat unit of knights, scorpions, ushabti, carrion etc.) or whether you want to sit back and blast your enemy away (my preference) in which case you'd want more skellies, SS catapult(s), possibly some tomb guard, and some ushabti...and the casket can be fun too.

12-07-2006, 14:08
Not sure you can manage 2,000 points yet, but you're looking at something around 1,500 from what you've got. Tomb prince leading chariot unit, 2 liche priests hide in skelly units. You don't need so many light horsemen (2 x 5 would be better). Keep the heavy horsemen though I'm not sure they'll do all that much.

Suggestions for expansion depend on what sort of army you want to go for. I'd recommend bulking up the sword/spear skellies. All TK players love scorpions, and I'd go for some carrion and a catapult as well. Then play a few games and see what works for you, and what units you like.

12-07-2006, 15:19
I'd throw the heavy cavalry away... I have never seen them do anything to make them worth it.

I would definatley suggest some Scorpions as I am on the recieving end of these things often and I can tell you they hurt. Alot.

Overpowered + underpriced = sad Alathir.

Although I wouldnt call the Scorpion 'teh broke' at all.

But yeah, go for some Scorpions and definatley a catapult. Just today in a FFA my friends catapult literally decimated an Empire army. Combine this with their awesome special rules and they definatley worth the points.

Oh and on a side note, they are Treeman slayers! Flaming, magical attacks... if that lands on his head he gets no armour and no ward save and the wounds are doubled. Ouch.

12-07-2006, 21:49
I have a TK army and I am fairly successful with it. I think you have a good core going but a few suggestions I would like to make.
1. The Icon Bearer, army battlestandard bearer, needs to go. He just is too much of a chump to actually do anything. Sure he can carry a magic standard, but who cares.
2. DUMP both the Heavy Cav and Light Cav. These dudes are way too fragile to do anything and the points could be used for more Troops/core.
3. A few more chariots would be nice @ 3 more. Don't go overboard here OK?
4. Swarms and a Scorpion, Nuff said.
5. I really like the Tomb Guard. I know that there are those out there that HATE them, but I love em. They are tougher and stronger and have killing blow! Take Tomb Guard just for the killing blow. I can't tell you the number of times that this ability has come in handy. You get some character in BtB with a Tomb Guard and watch your opponents jaw drop when you cleave off that character's head off. I even got lucky and beheaded Vaulten III in a game. I try to get as many killing blow hits on characters as I can. Throw in a magic banner like Undying legion then you have a self sustaining unit.
I take 2 units of TG each game and I give one unit the Icon of Rackaph. This little jewel of a banner let's you turn around and charge those units that have flanked you, belive me this happens alot. Again the "Brown Trouser" factor is high when he sees your 15 man TG unit hit those flanking pistoliers or whatever.
6. I also like the Bone Giants. I have had a giant go through units like a hot knife through butter. I had one giant score 25 wounds on a unit. You will usually have to charge and get at least 6 kills on a unit to win the combat, but this is realtvely easy.
7. It loos like your'e set for magic. Just remember that at TK army lives and dies by the magic. Unless you have got dominance in the magic phase it will be that harder to win, but it can still be done. Take at least 2 liches and a king. More liches are noce but you don't want to be cheesy. Please never waste your points on a liche high priest. Too expensive and too fragile. Also, the Cloak of the Dunes is standard equipment for the Hierophant.

Well, here are few ideas I have had. Please let me know if I have given you anything useful.

12-07-2006, 21:52
1 Tomb King, Destroyer & Vambraces, Arm&Sh - 248
2 Liche Priests, 2 Scrolls - 180
30 Skeleton Spearmen w Command, No musician - 290
Undying legion 25
2 X 15 Bowmen - 240
3 Chariots, Command NM - 160
10 Light Horsemen - 140

Thats about 1300 pts. Another unit of Lt Horsemen would bring it up to 1500.
An o.k. army list but not much punch or fun.

Tomb Kings start to do well from 2000pts upwards

For 2000

1 Liche Priest -115
20 Tomb Guard - 240 + 24
1 Scorpion -85

1 Screaming Skull - 90

and reduce/remove one Lt Horsemen unit. You could experiment with an Ushabti unit as well

13-07-2006, 04:33
I have to Ulthe on the cavalry remark... both of them are next to useless actually. In every game I've had against Tomb Kings (and thats alot) they are almost always all dead before the end of turn 2

13-07-2006, 12:50
Alathir's right. There are better alternatives than Tomb King Cavalry.

Matthew: Maybe you could create another one or two chariot units (you just need to buy the chariots separately) with your skeletal steeds and then use the extra skeltons as spearmen.

Brock Samson
13-07-2006, 13:09
"It came from below..."

Pesky scorpions. The only time that they are not worth their points is when they fail to come on the board.

13-07-2006, 17:19
Indeed... A recent game I had misfired and it was up to me where it went. I placed it right it in front of my Wild Riders and Treeman who were already set up to charge a different skeleton unit, this allowed for an awesome overrun charge.

But... this has only ever happened once in all my experiences with scorpions.

13-07-2006, 21:12
Indeed... A recent game I had misfired and it was up to me where it went. I placed it right it in front of my Wild Riders and Treeman who were already set up to charge a different skeleton unit, this allowed for an awesome overrun charge.

But... this has only ever happened once in all my experiences with scorpions.

My scorpions and Swarms misfire all of the time. By taking each type, you maximize your potential to have at leat one of them landing on target.

14-07-2006, 05:10
Yeah? Thats unfortunate. I've noticed that somehow the longer they arent rolled to come up, the higher the chance of a misfire rises.........

15-07-2006, 00:59
My short take on TK units.
First, TK needs a general and a hierophant, which means minimum 2 heroes.
TK therefore have a problem in smaller points fights, TK comes into their greatness in larger fights, for smaller fights they mainly suck.
Second, they are also very magic-dependant, their magic works in a unique way in the WH world, and is very powerful since it always succeeds, without their magic, they are at best mediocre, with magic they can be the best.
Third, there is the discussion of Tomb King vs High Priest. There are long discussion about which one is better (better magic vs chariots as core).

Keep in mind, the hierophant is fragile and the very key to your army, if he dies, your army starts to crumble, keep him safe, but if you keep your army within command range of your general, you can still survive a few rounds before your army goes completely worthless.

TK can seldom beat an enemy by killing him in combat, but mainly wins by tactics, using magic to improve their bad troops and using fear....fear is the name of the game with undead. Outnumber, win on CR and watch him run.

Anyways, on to units.

Skeletons, your basic units, should come in big blocks and use full command 4 man front rank, hand weapon + shield for maximum armor, LA is a good idea. They suck in combat, their main task is to survive the enemy, win by CR, outnumber and let fear do it's job.
Skeleton archers shouldn't be underestimated either, sure, their BS is suckingly low, but their special rule makes up for it. Having no negatives for shooting means they can shoot more effectively than most. Moving, shooting at long range and against skirmishers and they got the same hit chance at BS 5 troops...

Skeleton light horsemen. Worthless. They are lightly armed horsemen, with the fast cavalry ability....but they can't flee as a charge reaction due to being undead. Fast cavalry without being able to function like fast cavalry...

Skeleton heavy horsemen. Low armour and not enough punching power to do what heavy cavalry should do. Can't put down the hammer blow, can't survive...

Chariots. The TK variant of cavalry, does their job, can put down the hammer blow and got a little survivability. Can only be taken as core if you got a TK as general. These can be used for nice flank attacks. Just move them to the side of the enemy, use the free reform at the end to line them up (fast cavalry rules). Then use the movement incantation in the magic phase to charge the unit in the side.

Tomb Swarm. IMO, sucks. Swarms are used for speedbumps, by being unbreakable and having some wounds that needs to be chewed through.
They go with undead rules, like the rest of the army, so they are indeed unbreakable, but enemies will chew through them real fast since every point of CR difference will mean an extra wound on the swarm.

Tomb guard. Better than your average skeleton. Some swear by them. Can hold their own in a fight, which is nice for undead. Problem is, they can easily get a bit expensive, you want a big block for the outnumbering, and by the time you are done with them, they'll be a large part of your total points...especially with a good banner attached to them.
Big chance of "all eggs in one basket" type of unit.

Ushabti. Your high str killers, these guys are the things that can kill in the TK army, flank attack and let them tear it up, good for helping to win by CR.

Carrion, flying warmachine hunters. Not bad really, but problem is you got so many "needed" special units already....

Tomb Scorpion. Lovely unit, just freaking awesome. Possibly one of the best single "monster" unit in the game?
Poisoned, killing blow and excellent stats and add in magic resistance for a little survivability.
"It came from below" is a wonderful rule, just place it so it doesn't risk scattering off the board. It can charge when it comes up, and with it's high movement, it can can usually compensate for any scattering. Slices through warmachine crews like nothing, can kill wizards and single character as well.
And for oh so cheap, get 1 for sure, get 2 if you can afford the special slots and don't mind running the risk of the cheese call.

Bone giant. Costs a lot, doesn't do that much. Not that tough, no good armour and not even that strong (same as Ushabti). Unstoppable assault just gives an extra attack for a wounding hit...and he has low WS, so you won't really get that many extra attacks.
IMO, too costly, Ushabti does the same and gives better value for money.

Screaming skull catapult....lovely little things. Aside from being excellent catapults, they also have the screaming skull thing, so generally your enemy has to roll panic tests...
The sweet thing is how TK magic affects the catapult. Using the incantations you can fire them in the magic phase as well, doubling their shots every turn...having 2 catapults that fire a total of 4 shots every turn is real tough on your opponent, especially if he got swarms with low LD (or high armour units, squish).
Also, you can revive it....the crew are undead, the catapult is also an undead. If your enemy nails the crew, the unit is still alive and you can revive the crew with incantations. If he blows the catapult apart with a cannon, you can revive the catapult with incantations. As long as there is anything left of the unit, be it a crewman or the catapult, you can restore wounds with incantations to get them up and running again.