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15-06-2005, 16:09
Any news on these two? Release dates perhaps?

I for one expect either or both of these to be the greatest games of the century thus far. Hyperbole?? Nay I tell you!!
Both are the legitimate heirs of Neverwinter Nights, and arguably of Baldur's Gate as well.

If they live up to half their potential they will be masterpieces.
Even if NW2 were to only fix the more grievous flaws of NW1, boost the graphics, and have a decent single player campaign this time around, it would be spectacular.
I'll bet it does better than that.

And Dragon Age is possibly even more promising...

Who's with me??!!??!!!

16-06-2005, 09:23

Dont expect to see either before the second half of next year at the earliest. In both cases they're still building the technology, let alone the actual game.

Both games have great potential. Obsidian kinda dropped the ball with KotoR 2, but we can blame that on LucasArts. Then again, Atari dont have a great rep as a publisher either. What Obsidian did prove is that they can write great storylines, and with former developers from titles such as Baldurs Gate, Icewind Dale, Planscape Torment, and a number of others, Id expect it to happen.

Dragon Age is Bioware doing whatever they like. While they seem to have taken a non-generic approch to things (think of it as Asain fantasy, as opposed to European fantasy), they certainly do seem to be going all out.

Yeah Im keen. Good RPGs are few between. But we'll just have to see what happens.

18-06-2005, 05:09
Dragon Age with an Asian theme?? What are you talking about?

It's certainly not Asian as in the Far East--samurais and ninjas and such.
Are you confused by Bioware's recent release of the Chinese-themed Jade Empire perhaps?
The pictures I saw had a basically European fantasy theme.
And there will be elves, dwarves, etc.
Though supposedly there will be a unique take on these standard themes, as this is will be a world of Bioware's making.
Go here: http://www.bioware.com/games/dragon_age/#previews

18-06-2005, 10:10
Nah, it just got the impression (and swear I read somewhere) that they were going for a slightly less Euro-style fantasy.

Unfortunate neither title really featured at E3. NWN2 in particular is screaming for some screenshots to be published.

20-07-2005, 08:49
I have NWN 2 preordered on Play.com