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12-07-2006, 14:21
*This log is to help keep me focused on this army.. forgive any rantings that may occur!*

I started this army after swearing to myself that I would do about 2,000 points of every successor chapter to Dorn. This includes Crimson Fists and Black Templars. The initial army that made me interested in the Dornate bloodline was the Soul Drinkers. I fell in love with the chapter fluff after reading the three current novels about them. I did the army as a mish-mash of Chaos and Imperial, which allowed me to play as either-or, but not both at the same time. Since then I have not turned back from the very hard-headed sons of Dorn.
Each Dorn successor I am doing is going to be outrageous in it's own way. For my Templars, they are going to be an Armored company of Land raiders. at 2K I field 3 crusaders, a marshal, a chaplain and an Emperor's champion. THe list does well, but even better at 3K. The Crimson fists will be all scout troops, allowing me more marines in the army, despite their slightly lower armor saves. It's fluffy and VERY annoying. The Soul Drinkers are my only marine army that isn't over the top. THey have two drop pods, and some scouts. I use the dual assault weapon trait (cleanse and purify) for them. Debating true grit as a second choice, since they are a very assault oriented chapter that uses bolters. My Imperial fists are a terminator horde army. I try not to be that guy that puts down two 5 man scout squads, then drops 40+ termies on the board at turn 2. I have at least one tactical squad with rocket/plas and vet w/ powerfist & T.homer, which is expensive points wise. The 2nd squad it either the same, but with a lascannon, or a sniper scout squad of about 6-8 with a vet w/ t. Homer. I may throw in the 10 man assault squad w/ 2 plas and vet w/ powerfist & homer or my 10 man infiltrating vet squad w/ Vet w/ powerfist, meltagunner and lightning claw marine if I have points, or need to get the termies in VERY close. The assault marines are sometimes accompanied by a chaplain w/ jump pack and powerfist, but very rarely. In any event, I start the game with 2-3 squads on the board around 2K. THe meat of the army is termie goodness. As it stands right now, I have 60 termies for the army. Lysander's personal bodyguard consist of 10 terminators; 2 assault cannon/ chainfist, 7 stormbolter/powerfist, and serg w/ stormbolter/power weapon. Same for the second HQ bodyguard, and the two other shooty termie squads. I also have 2 cyclone missile launcher/ chainfist termies I can swap into the squads for extra tank/horde killing. The final two squads consist of an all lightning claw 10 man squad, and an all thunderhammer 10 man squad. I'm doubting the necessity of the thunderhammers, as they're only good for playing against daemonprinces/ greater daemons. Heck, they're even good multi-wound horde killers (nuglings/ rippers). They're very specialized and I never use them as much as my Lightning claw mob.
The HQ consists of Lysander (duh), two chaplains w/ stormbolter/ crozious and a librarian with force weapon/ chainfist.
This is how the army stands as of July 12th, 2006:
As you can see, the army is barely painted. THe initial base coat is a watered down vermin brown over white primer. The power armored marines got kind of screwed up, as I put snakebite leather over them rather than vermin.. which made them very dark. The squad in the 3rd pic, closest to the bottom is the furthest along. they have been worked up to golden yellow. I experimented with a greenstuff mold my friend made me, so they have greenstuffed shoudlerpad icons which look fairly okay. Still, I hunkered down and bought the forgeworld pads, which are on the two HQ squads.
My next project is experimenting with Tamiya yellow spraypaint. I'm going to use my spare tactical matine (not pictured) and see how well the spray works on him. If it does well, I'll be spraying the tactical marines to hopefully bring them up to a more yellow base. I think I'll still be hand painting the termies though. Yellow is SUCH a bad color to paint, which is dicouraging, and another reason why this army is barely even started!
I will attempt to update at least once a month. But I hope to work faster than that, as I want to get the army at least ready for basing by the beginning of September.

12-07-2006, 15:37
Interesting. Will be keeping an eye on this..

12-07-2006, 16:48
60 termies, very impressing I must admit! but as I understand it you only field max. 50 at a time, because I can't figure out how you get the 6th squad into one force-org. chart?!

please keep the pics coming!

Rabid Bunny 666
12-07-2006, 16:56
Deathwing lies ;)

Thats alotta Termies, a lot of termies......

12-07-2006, 18:10
Bill, I feel badly about encouraging you to do this. It sounded like a good idea at the time. And as i said before, the Tamiya yellow spray will save you grief. Or, just get an airbrush.

12-07-2006, 19:53
Looks like a great project. Did you finish the others that you mentioned? Like the look of the horde of terminators, quite inspiring. Good luck with it

13-07-2006, 06:40
*Update- 7/13/06*
A long day of painting has lead to my Lysander bodyguard being 80% basecoated. Only two termies left to go for basecoat, then I can begin my layers of sunburst yellow and color in the black undersuits. I also did my tamaya spray experiment. I'm kinda torn between it, and here's why:
Even after shaking the thing for about 5 minutes, the paint still likes to pool. Not to mention the fact that the end color is closer to bad moon than it is to sunburst. Still, I figured I'd go further, and by the end of my painting time (as I had to play a game in the league I'm in), I had this:
THe gloss paint isn't exactly easy to shade. For some reason the golden yellow I used came out liek neon in these pictures. Anyway, I'm happy with how the marine came out even after being washed in snakebite. Chances are I'll use this technique for the bolter marines. But painting over the gloss is truely a lot of work, even for just trim and helmets!

Bill, I feel badly about encouraging you to do this. It sounded like a good idea at the time. And as i said before, the Tamiya yellow spray will save you grief. Or, just get an airbrush.
The termies will be hand painted. I feel the tamaya is a last resort for the power armor marines, as it's a gloss and takes a while to paint over for my white trim... It's too damned yellow.. I dunno, I may sac one of my cyclone termies to the spray and see how well it works.. The tamaya makes it impossible to shade unless you dip.. and I don't want to do that.
Don't worry abotu the army. I said I'd do all Sons of Dorn, as they are very sundry and interesting in their own ways. Unfortunately I love my IF army, it's just a matter of painting it. You do realize this army hasn't been defeated.... only drawn.

60 termies, very impressing I must admit! but as I understand it you only field max. 50 at a time, because I can't figure out how you get the 6th squad into one force-org. chart?!

please keep the pics coming!
I usually swap out one assault squad for the other, depending on what I face. So although I have 60, I only use 40-50 at a time.. "only".. heh

13-07-2006, 06:43
While I had the digi-cam out, I took some pics of my models that are further along:
Termie that needs somce coats of sunburst yellow and some touchups. He's my first termie test model. Notice he has a greenstuff emblem from the mold I have. I'm hoping to have him doen sometime soon. the reason he loosk so weird is becaus ehe too was washed over in snakebite leather, producing a more browninsh look that took me quite a few coats of golden yellow to counteract.

13-07-2006, 06:44
There was somebody on here who did a gorgeous Howling Griffons force, where the yellow was orange -> peach -> tan shaded up, then yellow ink and dullcoate to finish. Looked very nice. Do a search and play around with your options.

13-07-2006, 06:48
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v433/NillyBob219/vetsarge.gif http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v433/NillyBob219/vetsarge1.gif
This is my Veteran sergent that I also have alomst done. He came out a bit better than most of the snakebite washed marines. However the back of his banner is still very stained in the dark brown color, and I have no real way of fixing it unless I paint is black or something. debating on what to do.
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v433/NillyBob219/bolter.gif http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v433/NillyBob219/bolter1.gif
This bolter marine was the origional test model for deciding the entire army. Despite the fact that he too was washed in snakebite, he came out rather awesome. For some reason he was ten times easier to do than ANY other model. In one sitting, he was completed. Now that I'm working my way up to sunburst with my power armored marines, I have to work him up as well. Hopefully I can do it right.

13-07-2006, 07:04
Goddamn I want to start an Imperial Fist army. I am just scared of yellow. I am currently painting a Bad Moon army in which I am only using Yellow for insignia and markings. Even that is a huge pain in the bum.

And I am scared to paint vehicles in yellow. Something tells me I would go insane.

Perhaps I should bite the bullet and start an Imperial Fist army once I've completed 1,500 points of Orks...

13-07-2006, 09:21
I think that your scheme looks pretty good so far, but the red chest eagles look fairly plain- i think that you would get a better result if you put a wash over the top, or do some highlighting to it

13-07-2006, 14:51
Bill, I think you purchased the wrong Tamiya yellow. Or, they changed the formula. When Jason did his, they weren't gloss at all. The paint wasn't thick nor did it pool up.

As for the peach undercoat w/ yellow ink that some one suggested you use, I think his name is Jester or Court Jester, not too sure. I know that the guy also posted at the B&C as well. I'll see if I can find the link. His technique works well. IIRC, he uses an orange basecoat w/ white mixed in for the highlights and then tints it with yellow ink.

You should ask Jerret to mix up the ink for you. He has a crazy formula that beats any of mine.

EDIT: Found the link http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=14090 Correction, his name is Court Jester. I believe he did a tutorial at the B&C.