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Malefic Scholar
09-12-2016, 05:54
I propose a codex with a great deal of customizability that would allow those who use it to create rules for those races who didn't make it to their own codex (or non-imperial humans for that manner)

Does anyone have any thoughts on how this should be done? and any considerations beyond the obvious(adequate point value and what not)

12-12-2016, 18:26
Something like the Imperialis militia list for 30k could work.

19-12-2016, 22:03
GW sells models, so whatever rules they release will have accompanying models.

But perhaps FW could release a list to enable players to create minor xenos... Though why would they? The Imperialis Militia is mainly there to allow people to use the FW renegade models in 30k. That they made the list adaptable enough to allow the representation of stuff like squats was rather unexpected.

07-01-2017, 16:58
The new Agents of the Imperium book gives me hope for some kind of xenos mercenary list. Most of it would be existing models taken as small formations, like kroot, human, or eldar corsair mercenaries but maybe we'd get some one off units like tarellians or hrud that would form squads of mercs for other armies.