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Bingo the Fun Monkey
12-07-2006, 20:29
I play Orcs and Gobbos. I have over four thousand points of them. I think they're great. Still, it's not the best painted force out there, and is really just a waaagh without a theme. I think that I want an army that plays uniquely, can look awesome, and has a definite theme. I figured that, since I never use special characters, I'd base an army around one. If anyone has tried these forces can you give me some feedback? I wouldn't be taking these to tourneys anyway (and realistically, i won't be able to afford for a long time).

Morghur: wow, this could be a lot of fun. I've seen it in action and although an argument could be made for it being "strong" it's just kind of crazy. The inherrent chaotic nature of it makes this army a lot more unwieldy than my ladz.

Skrag the Slaughterer: I love butchers, I love gorgers. Is this army too powerful with so many killing blow, unbreakable units on the table? I know next to nothing about ogre kingdoms.

The Wild Hunt: Orion's force. Normally, I hate elves. But I can make an exception for the god of the hunt, those wild rider models, and all the carnage this army inspires in my mind.

Kroq-Gar: lovely model, actual heavy cav (that hit hard) are somewhat of a novelty to me, but stupidity? Hmmm...


12-07-2006, 20:51
I've always been tempted to start a Morghur army. It just sounds like a lot of fun. Plus there are so many conversion possibilities for that army.

The Skrag army sounds like it'd be fun for a few games but then you'd eventually start getting bored with how limited it is.

Don't know enough about the Wild Hunt force, but I'm with you.. i'm usually not a fan of elves.

The Kroq-Gar army sounds cool too, but I'm not a fan of the Cold One models.

My vote goes to Morghur.

12-07-2006, 21:41
goooo Morghur!

Due to the chaotic nature of the army, it'll stay enjoyable to play with. And of course all the conversion possibilities.

12-07-2006, 21:43
Kroq-Gar is an awesome model and I would do a Liz army if I were you...

12-07-2006, 23:05
Morghur! It's actually a chaotic chaos army!