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The Inquisitor
24-06-2008, 15:10
Thanks everyone, for your comments. Yea, she's a cutie, and very talented. She picked up the brush and started painting without a problem. My other kids were painting as well, but not as much as her.

Here's a couple pics of another table just finshed primarily by the manager, with help from me on the lava. It was pretty fun- we had a couple brushes going (dueling AB...), which helped some of the work go really fast. Pics are not doing it justice (they need to be adjusted to get it closer to how the eye perceives this... I think it's a bit overexposed...). There are a lot of colors/variations in the surface and the lava looks a lot richer in person. Also, still needs some finishing touches (rock formations, terrain, etc.) that they'll work on.



27-06-2008, 22:23
On other fronts...

Inquisitor, I saw this picture a couple of pages back. If you are still interested, There is a paint company called Duracoat, that makes precut digital camouflage templates cut out of blue painters tape. You just peel them on and spray any color you want on them. They were originally made for painting gun stocks, but you can use them on anything. They are a bit expensive at $70 dollars US, but you will have enough of the tape template to make 6 or so vehicles. Tommygun.

The Inquisitor
28-06-2008, 00:48
Sweet idea! I'll check them out. I could make them, but if this would help me to save a little time, that'd be nice.

Another thing I was thinking of is using a camo scheme like this:


or this...


it would be cleaner, a definitely easier to do, and I like the combo.

I also like the spinter scheme that I've seen in mass effect, on one of the armor types... the guy on the far right...


28-06-2008, 02:38
Yes, I did a 3 tone splinter camouflage on my vulture and it was really easy. The Rackham robots are just a 2 tone splinter and would be pretty easy too. The Mass Effect one would be a bit of a challenge as it looks like each half is a mirror image of the other half. You could cut out paper patters the way kids do. When you fold a piece of paper in half and then cut it out to get identical halves, then trace the pattern on to blue painters tape.

The Inquisitor
03-07-2008, 15:11
update: been working on the 40+ necron warriors I have, I'll post pics soon.

re: camo: yea, the 2 tone splinter would be pretty easy, 3 tone gets a little more 'interesting' to pull off, and 4 tone would be pretty much like 3 tone, but just more work. I've learned many things from this project, which i'll have to post when I post pics.

re: the camo- what sucks is that I can't find the right 'pic' of the camo that I really like, which isn't how it looks when the guy's wearing it, but what it looks like in the inventory screen. If you/others have played ME, you'll recall the inventory screen doesn't show the item, but a 'crate' representing the equipment in packaging (I guess... I thought this was pretty silly- ppl want to see the goods, not the box!). However, one company had a really cool 4 tone camo- boneish, beige, darker brown and a deep black brown, that I really liked. Since I like urban warfare, I've also thought about using colors similar to the rackham stuff, which I like.

But, I'll get there soon enough. Off to work!

The Inquisitor
29-03-2009, 00:21
ZZZZZZZz.....*cough*, er... what? Yea, I'm up...

Wow! I have been so busy with work/life that I just haven't done much in the last while with this page, or really anything here. I had to take a break from everything, as I did a bunch of other projects for ppl, and didn't get around to finishing anything of my own.

But I've done a bunch of stuff... Lessee... I've painted 2 ork truks, 1+ set of bikes, another baneblade variant (i'll have to get photos...), worked on a chaos giant, a LOTR dragon, finished most of an OK batallion (not built by me...), painted some khorne berzerkers and posessed, finished a Crimson fist Rhino, Did some DE corsairs, did some work on a couple Chaos daemon squads. I also ended up teaching a few seminars on painting, esp. controlling contrasts as an element in your painting.

Of my own stuff, I've been even less focused. Built a shadowsword, some tau stealth suits, hammered away at DW terminators (I haven't been able to find the arms >:( ), did some work on SL, painted on squigs/herders, and tinkered with some characters. I'll get some pics soon.

Otherwise, I've been more than lazy and really haven't done much, at least with the hobby. I've done a lot of thinking, esp. about my involvement in this hobby. I don't know if its indecisiveness, laziness, a lack of specific talents, or what have you, but I just can't get motivated to do my own stuff. Of course, this doesn't keep me from buying things. As you can tell, I like painting things for other people, for a couple reasons which are likely related to this same issue (being motivated to do things...).

One thing I like about painting for other people, is they usually know what they want, and it's fun to bring this to life. I esp. like doing this, when I have relatively little time to do it. For instance, that imperial baneblade I painted was a "challenge", as the person I was talking to was whining about how long things take to get ready. There was a bit of incredulousness about how quickly this could get done, so I did it in about 4 or so hours "hands on" (proly about 8-12 with dry time, etc.- turn around was about 24 hours, maybe a little less...), from bare plastic. Others have been instances of showing people how to use a specific method for painting/executing a project. Others have been because I'm interested in doing some work on the piece.

09-11-2009, 17:44
Hey..... great work on those minis and tones of great information on airbrushing..... but .... how about an update!

The Inquisitor
18-04-2010, 15:26
OK! I have resurfaced, but who knows for how long? I'll get to updating again... perhaps start some specific logs.

Been thinking of just selling everything off and starting anew. I have so much that, at this point, I'm not interested in doing anymore. Besides, there's cooler and better stuff out there now to to.

The Inquisitor
02-05-2010, 20:49

I put some thoughts on the this blog re: my thoughts on my hobbying in general. For anyone following this blog, I apologize for my randomness; this will hopefully be remedied in the future.

Here's my thoughts:

Update: 5/1/10-

I'm putting my thoughts up here for a couple of reasons. First, to make sure I remember my thoughts on the matter and second, they may help someone else as much as they help me. It also helps me retrain my focus, and return this blog into something that I wanted to be -- a place where I can share my experiences, ideas, skills, etc. with other people. So, please suffer through my semi-neurotic ramblings so I can get this blog back on track… 

After a long hiatus and a bunch of life changes (moving, new job, new responsibilities, etc.), I've had a lot of time to think about what I want from my discretionary time and my personal persuits. While I really enjoy modeling/hobbying, I've realized 'hobby time' for me has been tedious and something I've avoided. This really bothered me, and after deliberating on the subject for some time, I've come to some conclusions that were long in coming and (really) hard to accept.

I've realized I wasn't letting my hobby fulfill what I needed from my personal pursuits: to be rejuvenating, enjoyable, interesting and unstructured. A sandbox and one of many places to explore my interests. Sounds that it should be simple for anyone, but for years, this hasn't been this way at all. I started wargaming because it was a nice mix of my interests -- military tactics and strategy, scale modeling, playing games, art and hanging out with other people with similar interests. I thought it was really cool that I could do all of these things together in one place; but is precisely because of this overlap that I've really not enjoyed this hobby like I could/should have.

One of the biggest reasons for my discontent was stupidly simple, actually- what I valued in each area conflicted with each other. For instance, my interest in "scale modeling" type of hobbies (military, model railroading, etc.) and hyperrealistic art drove my value of very detailed, well painted and realistic models. Because of this, I held myself to unrealistic expectations for outcome for any wargaming project. I gave myself unrealistic standards for what I should be able to produce with the resources I wanted to resources could expend (yes... I admit it now… having showpiece type models throughout one’s army as a goal is just unrealistic… especially if you want to get ANYTHING done.). In the back of my mind, I knew that it would take 100's of hours to finish any such project. I struggled with accepting this fact and that I couldn’t justify spending the time it would take to do it- especially since I had SO much stuff. One small army? Maybe. But I never wanted to slap models down that didn’t rise to the expectations of myself or others. While this also sounds silly, I bet nearly everybody who may be reading this right now has experienced this at some point. Unconsciously, I've realized it for years- which has driven my need/desire to amass tools and techniques that span a variety of disciplines in order to be as effective and efficient as I could.

But, I never really allowed myself to get projects to practice with and work out certain kinks in my skills, which simply compounded the time needed to finish projects. I got projects to be part of my armies; to be focal points and wanted them to look GOOD. And who can blame me? This stuff is stinking expensive. It was hard to justify to myself and others (*cough*wife*cough*), that I was just getting models to practice. So, I cautiously advanced on my personal projects and many/most of them never got finished- esp. if I ran into a snag that I didn’t have time to work out. I didn’t realize that over time, most of my projects just weren’t inspiring any longer or just not worth the ‘time’ to restart or correct techniques that didn’t work like I wanted. I had some projects that have literally been on my shelf for 10 years and never finished. These projects have stayed relatively static, my skills, interests, techniques, equipment, etc. had not, and if I were to now do them, I’d have a completely different process. But, the interesting thing is I spent lots of time doing projects for others, and really enjoyed it. LOTS of projects. Not only was it a good way to practice some fundamental skills, but it kept my interest alive in the hobby by doing new and interesting things.

So, why do I mention all this? Catharsis? Neurotic need for self-exposure? No, I needed to admit what I’ve realized about myself so I don’t keep falling into the same holes so I can enjoy this hobby for what its worth.

- I’m going to focus on doing things that are interesting to me, and use that to maintain my focus and motivation to get projects done. I’m going to do some ‘house cleaning’ and get rid of projects I don’t want to do. One of first decisions will be to discard/stop any project that doesn't interest me. If I want to do single pieces from an army, all do those for the sake of doing them, not because I want to collect and pain the army. I'm going to clean my slate... getting rid of things that I don't want, and making room for new projects that I want to do. Projects that have been ongoing for some time will either be stripped/restarted or discarded/liquidated- especially if its more work to finish or strip than its worth (really... stripping something that may cost $25 is not worth it for me at this point in my career...).

- I’m going to projects for different purposes. If something is a test/practice model, it will be done as such… not with an intention to be a showpiece or anything else. I've realized that by holding myself to certain standards has tended to stifle my own progress with developing my skills in certain areas or even trying new things out. I'm going to work on skills by practicing, no matter what the final product looks like.

- While I understood that my practical experience over the years has helped me to producing good quality wargaming miniatures quickly and efficiently, I always said in my mind ‘yep, its good… but not for what I want for my own stuff.” Well, I’m not doing this anymore. Good solid painting aimed at project completion is better than no completion. Combining my interests was a product of having very little time and resources over the years due to professional training and work. But, this provided mixed results, and instead of war gaming satisfying all my varied interests, it addressed none of them really well (jack of all trades, master of none?). I wasn’t just enjoying it for what is was- a unique hobby that was influenced by other disciplines- I was trying to turn it into the vehicle to satisfy my interests in those things. Since then, I started refocusing on my individual interests (e.g. building scale models separately). So, while I might focus on some showpieces here and there, I’m going to make a vested effort to not overlap ‘scale modeling’ with doing ‘gaming pieces’. It will be tough, but I’m really going to try.

So, sorry for the long winded response. This actually was pretty cathartic and I think will help me to focus. See the last page for my current update on projects.

So, anyway, here's what I have planned for the future:

Moving into a new place had its perks; I get the downstairs for a mancave! I'll also post some pics of my new workspace, the gaming table I started and my 'drying booth' that I built this last summer :D

The Inquisitor
02-05-2010, 20:52
I just inventoried my crap being I have space to do it now... I've done a lot with necrons, so I'll finish them first.

I've finally worked out the metal color that's easy to replicate. Method before required too many problematic steps (overbrushing with an airbrush, thinning down/mixing too many colors, etc.) O.k. for one project, not for an army.

I was having problems with the monolith I was working on. Too many problems with metals that left the surface very rough. I overcoated it with a gloss black enamel and have since repainted it. I now have a great method for spraying metals that is working well. I'll update some pics soon of what it looks like. This is one of the first things I'd like to complete.

The Inquisitor
02-05-2010, 21:12
ok, as promised, some new pics:

View of my gaming table. Built off the drunken dwarves plans... inventorying stuff on top of it.


new work area... Don't diss the wood paneling! It great cause I can't screw it up, no matter what I nail into it! :)


great place for storage and staging of projects...


space for workbench with spraybooth and drying booth... the latter looks ugly but is SO functional.


The Inquisitor
02-05-2010, 21:23
Here's what some of this stuff is... I think this will be my focus in the upcoming months.


and a guilty pleasure bought yesterday...


02-05-2010, 21:40
Your work area looks like mine.
It's so cover with stuff I barely have room to work.

The Inquisitor
03-05-2010, 03:06
Ha! Yep. I took out a bunch of stuff to inventory, and was taking a look at it. It was all out over the table, along with everything else.

Ok, now to decide what I'm going to work on and get done. I'm leaning towards 'what have I continued to collect and have a crapload of now.

Here's my thoughts, and their states:

Necrons- probably the most done and the most playable. Need some color fixes to make the army be unified. 'fixed' the monolith, to make the surface smoother, but now need to paint it again...

Space Marines- I have a ton of this stuff. Why do I have a ton of this stuff... I don't particulary like SM, though I did like the fact that DA could field so many different types of forces. I like that SM can ally with DH/WH, but don't do this with the DA. I do the look of BT and SW, and I've always liked BA for the assualt troop feel (lots of jump packs...) as well as RG. After playing DOW for a while, the BR have grown on me as well. so perhaps I do like SM, but not what I was doing with DA/DW/RW... One thing I could do: finish what I have so I have a playable DA force, then use the rest for something else...

IG- Didn't initally like. I have a ton of SL stuff, and lots of stuff 50-80% built.

Nids- This is the army I've always wanted to build, but could never decide on a color scheme that I could like. I have some ideas, but this is mostly still in boxes.

Tau- Lots built; couldn't decide on colors. Going to use still use splinter/digital camo in greys, with Reds/yellow markings, but paint the troops in yellows and greys...

Probably finish the necrons. Tau/SM next, then work on either IG or Guard. We'll see.

The Inquisitor
18-08-2014, 18:33
Well, after taking a bit of a hiatus, I'm getting back to doing some hobby (well, wargaming) related activities. It's been quite a journey, and I think I've been getting more back to my roots in modeling in general, which has shifted my aesthetic and how I conceptualize my approach to wargaming in general. I think I've also realized that doing something like a project blog and interacting with people keeps me motivated and focused (and focus is certainly something that won't hurt in my case.)

So, I'm thinking of resurrecting this plog, but I'm unsure if it would be more interesting interesting/engaging for others to split a general log into smaller projects or just keep it in one plog.

The purpose is really simple on one hand: I really would like some closure on a few projects that I've had open forever. Like many people I've met who do commission work for people, its always easier to get things done for someone else than yourself. This would (hopefully) force me to focus and get things completed.

On the other hand, I've amassed tons of techniques and tools that can make hobbying easier and more satisfying. I like to teach and share this type of information as well. Too, while I can do some things very well, I certainly need to learn and polish other skills. So, plogs may serve as a venue for me to share what I know, and have people give me feedback/share back.

It might be easier for me to start a regular 'blog' or something, that way I can wax philosophical about the hobby and everything too.

And, so no one thinks I've been completely sitting on my hands, here's a couple pieces I've done/been working on... (and wow... some of the pieces in this blog are sooooo old... I'll definitely have to update them to be in line with my current skill set and preferences...).

GK librarian that won a competition at the Seattle Bunker when it was still open... :)

http://i106.photobucket.com/albums/m269/Inqzitr/GKlibrarian.jpg (http://s106.photobucket.com/user/Inqzitr/media/GKlibrarian.jpg.html)