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23-12-2016, 15:09
Has there ever been any lore to support non thousand son warbands having their own rubicae?

The Black Shield
23-12-2016, 23:48
All Rubricae were originally Thousand Sons, but the Legion fractured into many disparate groups that took Rubricae with them and have joined with other warbands. For example the Black Legion has a contingent of Rubricae marines.

25-12-2016, 02:16
The current codex mentions Thousand Sons sorcerers offering the services of Rubrics in exchange for knowledge or magical power.

I could easily see a TS sorcerer using a lesser version Rubric to create more out of prisoners (though this hasn't actually been officially suggested anywhere). Being able to create bodyguards with no ambition would go over well.

25-12-2016, 21:02
Guess the main problem with using them as bodyguards for others is that you still need a Sorcerer around for the Rubricae to be efficient. Which means you need to trust a tzeentch dude, which is not always optimal.

28-12-2016, 07:07
Cheers guys
So basically any rubicae in a warband just come from the thousand sons

The Black Shield
28-12-2016, 07:56
In a word, yes.

05-01-2017, 02:26
No lore to support it but ten thousand years of conquest in the Eye and all the shifting possibilities it entails doesn't preclude it one but. I like the idea, especially of a Thousand Sons sorcerer whipping up a contingent of Rubrics out of other warriors so he can hold his own as a faction in a warband.

The Black Shield
05-01-2017, 05:19
The thing is it took Ahriman and the most powerful Sorcerers of the Thousand Sons to create the Rubric, and they do not understand what they did.

09-01-2017, 11:20
Yeah, rubric was pretty solidly established as a one time thing, but anyone can still include rubrics because the exiled sorcerers took their retinues with them to offer their services elsewhere.

It's worth noting that the rubicae are the only cult unit that work like this. While they started with the Death Guard, Plague Marines 'reproduce' via contagious infection, they couldn't keep the creation of their cult marines to themselves if they wanted to. Berzerkers are created by implanting the Butchers Nails, a cybernetic implant which few outside of the World Eaters know how to make, but few isn't none. Noise Marines are made by a kind of psycho-surgery that re-wires the brain for heightened senses, reflexes, and pain tolerance, and few outside of the Emperor's Children know how to perform it, but again few isn't none.

So for each of the other cults, there are plenty of cult marines who are not original members of the Cult Legions from way back in the Heresy. Mechanically, this is represented by the veterans of the long war ability being automatically included on rubicae, but an optional paid upgrade on the other cult units.

Lord Damocles
10-01-2017, 18:16
Even if there were only originally-Thousand-Sons Rubricae, their souls could presumably be summoned back into non-Thousand Sons armour, so you'd get Rubricae looking like whatever you wanted.

The Black Shield
10-01-2017, 20:32
It is very, very hard to completely destroy a Rubric Marine. You pretty much have to completely vaporize them or they will reincorporate similar to Necrons. At least this is how they are portrayed in the Ahriman trilogy.