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The Black Shield
30-12-2016, 22:26
I'm thinking of purchasing a Knight and am wondering for those that use Knights what is your most effective loadout?

29-01-2017, 18:23
I'm thinking of purchasing a Knight and am wondering for those that use Knights what is your most effective loadout?

WoW cant belive no replied so far, i by far perfer the two classic knights, Paladin and Errant, between the two i go with paladin, as the heavy 2 battlecannon is simply always usefull and gets the most bang for the buck. No updgrades to speak off ( unless we go 30k knights).

03-02-2017, 13:16
There isn't a quick answer to the this question as it depends on what the rest of your army has in it. I play Blood Angels with DC and plenty of melta so I don't tend to need help busting tanks or assaulting things. For this reason I favour a fire-support knight. I run a Crusader with an Avenger gatling cannon and battlecannon for the arms. For the carapace weapon I choose either a stormspear rocket launcher or an Icarus (if I have no other AA guns).

This gives me a unit that packs massive amounts of AP3 firepower and cut through light vehicles, MCs and MEQ squads with ease. This Knight is suited to standing back and blazing away. This maximises the protection of his ion shield since it is harder for the enemy to flank him. Against most opponents, S10 AP2 in CC is as good as SD anyway.

Downside is his cost as this is about the most expensive configuration you can run. Also if the rest of your army is running forward, there is a risk of your opponent sending something cheap but numerous to tarpit him. He really needs to be firing every turn.

If you are looking for a flexible and balanced Knight, I would recommend the Warden. I prefer his gattling cannon over a battle cannon in most cases as it is as good against infantry but better against light vehicles and MCs due to weight of shots. For the carapace, I usually favour stormspear rocket launcher or an Icarus depending on what I am facing or what the rest of my army contains. The Reaper is normally adequate in assault and SD will make short work of most opponents (particularly annoying Necrons). Sometimes it is good to know that even the most brokenly tooled-up opponent will just burst like ripe fruit if you roll a 6! :D

I recommend magnetising your knight if you can. It takes a bit longer but is not really too hard. If not, then the Warden is probably the best all-rounder.

04-02-2017, 17:15
I tend to think the Paladin is the best all round knight. Two AP3 templates per turn is nice, and close combat D-Weapon, with HoW, and stomp attacks tends to handle close combat well.

I like to add carapace weapon but don't bother upgrading the stubber for a melta-gun. If you end up close enough for the Melta rule to apply, you may as well just charge and wreack things with the D-Weapon.

10-02-2017, 12:40
I always liked the look of the Knight Errant. Nothing says "hugs and kisses" better than a strength 9 ordnance template melta gun.

On the other hand, while knights can bring some cool guns, what really seems to make them nasty is the reaper chainsword/ gauntlet and stomping around in close combat.

If I were to get a knight, I would go full knight gallant (you never go full knight gallant!) with zero upgrades. It is (by a significant amount) the cheapest one there is. 85% of the cost, 99% of the fear.

10-02-2017, 16:08
I made mine a Crusader with the battle cannon option and so far he has performed very well.
Yes he is the most expensive option but he kills infantry like it's nothing, equip the stormspear as well if you got the points for another wearpon with 3 S8 AP3 shots.
While it can't deal with heavy vehicles, they are usually never that big of a deal to begin with and if it is a big deal, have the knight charge it and smash it to pieces in melee. 4 attacks on the charge usually does the job just fine as well.

16-02-2017, 13:46
I like the Warden, but I don't own one and have never used one. I'll certainly get one eventually and plan to run it with the gatling mega-bolter thing, a power fist, because I like power fists, and one of those Heavy 3 krak rocket doo-dads on the top.

The Black Shield
17-02-2017, 00:20
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