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24-01-2017, 21:42
Quick question.

What type of creature would the gorgon part of this be referring to?

I haven't read the novel.

Just interested in painting them a similar way, but I'm not sure if it's a medusa type gorgon or not.

26-01-2017, 05:21
There are many types of Gorgons...?

'cus I'm pretty sure there's only the one: The mythological greek creatures which possessed such an unearthly ugliness that any who gazed upon them were frozen, stiff as a rock... forever.
Which conveniently explains why nobody actually knew what they looked like :p
And yes, it's the same type of creature which Medusa got turned into. It's worth noting though, that Medusas "modern" appearance was made up far later, when some punk artist decided to illustrate the tale during the renaissance, and his interpretation stuck.
For most intents and purposes, we still don't know how Medusa, or any other Gorgon, is actually "supposed" to look... or even if they have a set appearance.

Mind you, this is mythology speaking, not a 40k novel. I haven't read it any more than you have, and I don't know how they chose to interpret said creatures.
It's possible they go in a CRAZY new direction for them.
It's also possible they just used the name 'cus it sounded cool, and don't actually implement the myth in any meaningful way at all.
so... either read the book yourself or wait for moar posters, I guess.

27-01-2017, 02:23
'cus I'm pretty sure there's only the one

Two from what I can tell. Dungeons and Dragons players call a Gorgon a Medusa. Their Gorgons are these metallic bull creatures that expel gasses that petrify. Really has more in common with a Catoblepas than a Gorgon but whatever. That's been the design in that game forever so they aren't going to change it now. D&D Gorgons are terrible though. Nobody should pay any attention to them.