View Full Version : The demise of the Trollslayer

31-01-2017, 08:37
Anyone else massively disappointed with the BB Troll slayers? they are shocking (rest of the team looks great) add to that those awful AoS things and i can only assume GW is trying to ruin one of its coolest concepts

31-01-2017, 11:17
Absolutely. My biggest problem is the "I'm flying on my beard" pose haha, how dumb is that! But it very much follows the AoS trend, everyone just has to be "flying" on fire and swirls to be "large and dynamic" :wtf: Seems to happen more and more in 40k too, with cluster****s such as the new eldar avatar.

I'd very much appreciate the end of this non-sense.

03-02-2017, 08:31
yeah , beard surfing is not cool! ....in 28-32mm format anyway , ive a feeling it would be excellent in real life

05-02-2017, 05:20
I wasn't a fan when I first saw them, but after having bought and assembled the box they have grown on me. Overall their look is closer to the old Warhammer slayers than to the AoS guys, so they look fine where they are. The levitating beard thing is odd, but I simply rationalise that as a pose designed to catch the model in mid-leap - no doubt to headbutt an opposing player!