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09-02-2017, 16:30
Now that my rant from my last thread is all out of me, I'm ready to move on to more important stuff. If there is anyone that plays HH, please comment on this. I currently don't play HH, so I really don't know as much as what I'd like to about the game. Rumors have it that 30k could be released by GW. With 2 HH board games out, complete with models and rules for 40k (from the AoD supplement of course), people have been wondering for at least the past year and 1/2, maybe 2 or longer, if we will see 30k actually happen. Would be awesome, but will it actually happen?

The rumors say when 8th ed 40k comes, it'll have 2 separate rule books: 1 for 40k and the other for 30k. 40k would be a little simpler for everyone, including newbies, while 30k would be similar to current 7th ed 40k only slightly modified (so more so for veteran 40k players). So 3 games from GW, according to the rumors, that will be THE games: AoS for beginners, 40k a little more advanced but will be the meat of all players, and 30k as the most advanced. So there you have it on the rumors.

If rumors are indeed true, expect the models with all their upgrades on the sprues to be easier on the wallet, easier access starting a HH army list, and players could still use most of the models from 30k in 40k games. So from accessibility point of view, it's a good sign and GW is listening better to their customer base. However, this raises some questions on the "ifs" and "whats." Forge World has been pumping out HH models like its no ones business, and there really hasn't been a set, IMO, that I've seen that didn't disappoint me. Rules wise, from what I heard, make more sense than 40k (again I don't know so please don't jump down my throat if I'm wrong).

First question: other than the millennium, when will this take place; Great Crusade, during HH, or post HH? You have the 2 board games during HH so that's the easiest assumption, but that doesn't mean 30k itself will be. Plus, again, FW is HH right now, so I don't know if GW will actually do HH. Time will tell.

Second question: will there be more armies other than what's currently in HH? You have SM legion upon SM legion, Mechanicum and the Imperial army from HH, but nothing, from what I could tell (and correct me if I'm wrong), for xenos. I understand no Nid and Tau armies, for sure, but I know Eldar and Orks, were active during 30k so maybe some unique stuff from them (MAYBE Necrons but that's a maybe). Of course, just use the 40k stuff, but using rules exclusively for 30k.

Third question: will there be more primarch models from GW? I don't care what anyone says, the new Guillimen model is freaking amazing, and I can't wait to see more for 40k. Anyway, for the board games, we got older power armor models and contemptor dreads, so why not 30k style models from GW? Different poses, but you get to pick which model you like better; FW's or GW's.

Again, it's just rumors, and we may not see a 30k game from GW. They could just leave that all up to FW, while they make models for their board games that can be used for 30k or 40k. I wouldn't be opposed to it, although it would be nice to see individual box sets for units. So will GW do 30k? No one truly knows until we get some rock solid evidence. For now, enjoy a couple games, and we'll see soon.

Easy E
10-02-2017, 15:11
No idea, BUT 30K will move GW to where they want to be as a company. All Space Marines all the time because Space Marines sell the most.

As a purely business perspective 30K is the way to go.

10-02-2017, 15:57
It strikes me that as long as 30k is popular, GW/Forgeworld will sell models related to it. Given FW has pretty much given itself over to being a Space Marine variant making factory the past few years, I think this move has a long tail on it.

As for if they meet other races? Perhaps. They may test the waters after the end of the HH by doing a large event that involves an non imperium/chaos faction. But their focus on Space Marines seems to indicate that FW think that is the money maker.

11-02-2017, 11:09
30k will stay with FW. Recent rumours about 8th edition would point towards 30k retaining a distinct separation from 40k in the main; with GW offering Loss Leader starter sets (and later separate boxes from the contents), with FW providing the grander bulk of the background material and model range/upgrade parts.

I for one would like 30k as far away from GWs mainline rules writing monkeys as possible. The day 30k has formations is the day I offload onto eBay.

As for later events in the timeline (War Of The Beast for example), it looks likely GW might take those reigns. Unless they seriously sort out 40k though, itl pass me by; which will be a shame as the books have been by and large pretty good and I like the canonical setting.