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Malefic Scholar
22-02-2017, 22:09
How would you guys make one? I was thinking heroes could be hq choices with a great deal of customization perhaps have archetpes like magic,alien, and tech? Does anyone have ideas for elites troops fast attack ect ect?

24-02-2017, 01:03
Il bite: you could have just well known/powerful heroes as HQ/characters, and simply take an army of that, ala assassin formation,
Other idea is to have squads consisting of the 'weaker' team members for say xmen, alpha flight, even extended avengers or excalibur, and represent the mix of powers with balanced out weapon profiles, or a mix of counts-as profiles, or just grouping based on battlefield role:
5 character flying melee (rogue, archangel, etc.)
5 character flying shooting (storm, havoc,etc.)
5 character walking shooting (gambit, cyclops, cable etc)

And perhaps designate one character for a special weapon and one with a bonus character ability in each squad to keep it manageable.

Perhaps do above and just proxy as SM Vanguard, assault, tacts etc.

Even if you end up coming up with a unique list, keep weapons based on points costs and profiles of existing weapons, so say Cyclops is relentless with a multi-laser

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Malefic Scholar
26-02-2017, 07:45
so characters as a formation then? Perhaps have a wolverine with it will not die.