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Lord Damocles
01-03-2017, 17:50
It's March now, apparently, so time for a new issue of White Dwarf!

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Lord Damocles
05-03-2017, 22:31
Editorial – ’You probably don’t need me to tell you who that is on the cover’; It’s Trump, right? And he’s going to make the Imperium great again!
’...the big news this month is the return of an old favourite after all of, well, a month, with the much-requested start of a new series of A Tale of Four Warlords’; If at first you don’t succeed...

Contents – Same waste of space as usual.

Planet Warhammer -Several pages of extraneous material could easily have been cut from here.

Randomly inserted amongst ‘Latest News’ are rules for special types of ball in Blood Bowl, rules for Slambo in Warhammer Quest, and a full page ad for GW stores.

’Never before has the history of that most ancient and storied of Chapter Masters [Dante] been explored in fiction’; I mean, yeah, he’s never had a novel all to himself before, but he has totally featured in fiction (eg. Red Fury, Word of the Silent King).

There are no prices listed for any of the Forge World stuff. Inferno gets featured. Never did get those rules for Sisters of Silence, did we, Dwarf?
The two pages on Hobbit releases are literally the most content has got in White Dwarf since the relaunch.

- Double page spread of Gathering Storm products –

Contact – White Dwarf is great, Can we have proper terrain articles and how do you paint burnt metal?, White Dwarf is great, How do you paint Smaug? Battle reports without points are great (Sure whatever. But can we at least get some proper (legal!) army lists? Remember the Deathwatch army with the invisible wargear?), Where do Nurgle followers come from?

The reply to Mr Davis’ question states, ’As for scorched metal effects, well, check out our Painting Masterclass starting on page 128!’ I assume they’re referring to the boxout at the bottom of page 133 where we find a whole two sentences under the heading ‘Muzzle burn and heat damage’ (drybrush it black...) which looks nothing like the effect on the Scorched Knight Davis was enquiring about!

Dawn of War: A Brand New Dawn – A painfully corporate-speak advert for Dawn of War III.
‘...gamers hadn’t been introduced to the fully animated glory of large-scale 41st Millenium warfare’; um, Final Liberation?
’One of my most striking memories from Dawn of War is seeing Space Marines walking for the first time. As strange as it may sound, this hadn’t been done before...’; um, Chaos Gate? Fire Warrior?
We wanted to make sure even the tiniest details of the maps and animations felt like they’d be at home in the Warhammer 40,000 universe’; And that’s how we got jumping Cataphractii armour, a Megaboss with a grapple-claw, Trukks which literally shoot passengers at the enemy, and Ork buildings which look like they’re having convulsions!
’...so the Chapel Barracks had to look and feel like something the Space Marines would deploy. Rather than just spitting out new units, any units it creates are deployed via Drop Pod into it’; so you copied the original game. That must have been very creatively taxing for you...

Spike Magazine – One page on Blood Bowl stadiums.

- Full page ad for GW Digital –

Designers’ Notes: Shadows Over Hammerhal – At six pages, this is longer than might have been expected, but is very light on detail or specifics (other than that you need a games master now).
Something fleshing out Hammerhal itself would have been more interesting .

- Double page spread of Start Collecting! Boxes –

Collecting: A Tale of Four Warlords – It’s four pages, of which one is an introduction, half a page is a ad for Start Collecting! Boxes (all of the Warlords started with one, again), and then quarter of a page each is devoted to the fact that they’ve added a Realm of Battle board and scenery (which I guess doesn’t count towards budget or models or whatever? ‘Buy scenery!’) and an encouragement to all go out and buy Start Collecting! Boxes ourselves. It’s almost like they’re really pushing Start Collecting! Boxes here or something...
Maxime Corbeil’s Black Templars might be interesting, but I expect this series to go much the same way as the last few iterations.

’I’ve never seen an army painted in that colour scheme [Craftworld Iybraesil] (erm last issue, Chris? – Ed)’; Last issue there were seven models (of which six were Aspect Warriors in fairly standard shrine colours) in A Tale of One Painter – hardly an army, Keefe!

Designers’ Notes: The Saga of Guilliman – Like last month’s The Fate of the Eldar, this is a sort of desgners’ notes, sort of description of events in Rise of the Primarch, sort of showcase of the new Truimvirate. Like last month, something more focussed would have been more useful.
’Cypher’s colour scheme is based on the Great Crusade colours of the Dark Angels’; Why? Why is it based on the Crusade colours of the Legion (black) and not the colour Cypher’s armour has always been in the canon (green)?
Also, why does his plasma pistol now look like something he got from the lost & found at a steampunk convention?

’Eavy Metal: The Lord of Ultramar – Detail of Simon Adams’ Trump Guilliman diorama. A four page article does not require two and a half pages worth of pictures of the end result, and another half page of close-ups.
Would have been nice to get some work in progress pictures or more detail on how Guilliman was re-posed to look slightly less terrible.

- Double page spread of Black Library books we’ve already seen in new releases –

The Ultimate Guide to... Stormcast Eternals – As usual, pretty good as a brief overview. There are hints of a much more interesting feature/article by way of the in-universe portions, which we’ll, of course, never get to see.

Golden Demon: Europe 2016 – As in previous instalments (so many previous instalments...) the words really aren’t needed (at least not in such quantity).
Why does the Eldar titan have LoTR-style elven text on it?

Illuminations: Armies of the Imperium – The first four pages look to be very dark to me.
How did Gallagher’s Codex cover get in here? Look at that tiny Chimera (or giant commander)!

Gaming: The General’s Almanack – Guy Haley sort of... defends Age of Sigmar..? because it has simple rules and no points..?
’The basic rules are a thing of graceful beauty. As long as you apply the rules exactly as worded, they make perfect sense’; The rules for pivoting are a mess. They almost couldn’t be less clear exactly as worded.

Army Showcase: Gathering The Hosts – Small Stormcast, Genestealer Cult, and Hobbit armies (woo, content guys! Two whole pages. Livin’ the dream).
’We set out with the plan of collecting a themed army’; did Gandalf/Girion and Thror/Thorin ever team up leading a force of Dwarves and men of Dale?
It’s okay. A focus on any of the various events/tournaments mentioned throughout might have been interesting.

Battle Report: The Hallowguild Massacre (forces of Order pick’n’mix vs. Nurgle Chaos) – This game suits maps.
I’m sure Mr McKissock from last issue would agree with me that the boxouts, annotations, and what little core text there is all competing for attention and trying to convey overlapping information is not an ideal way of presenting a report.
Despite the half decent maps, as usual, the report is let down by a lack of detail in the text portions.

Maybe if the good people of Hallowguild had bothered to defend the realmgates literally just outside their gates, they wouldn’t have had this problem... Just dig a big moat or something?

EDIT: Liked that the armies are non-studio (and not Stormcast).

- Full page ad for ’Global Opportunities’ –

Temporal Distort (issue 296) – ’White Dwarf has featured painting guides for almost as long as it’s been around, but by White Dwarf 296 they were starting to take a now-familiar shape – stage-by-stage guides, running down the page. Paint Splatter was still a few years away (over a decade!) but clearly has its roots in Painting Workshop; I hope that’s not supposed to imply that Paint Splatter is some sort of superior evolutionary end point in the history of painting articles – because that would be some serious hubris.

New Rules: Gangs of Commorragh – Rules for Harlequins (Skyweavers and Voidweavers).
New rules are good. Some more background on why they get involved in petty gang fights would have been welcome.
’The crew of the Skyweaver must also take one of the following weapons for the additional points cost listed after the weapon: star bolas (+5 pts), zephyrglaive (+5 pts)’; well that’s certainly a hamfisted way of going about it. Why not just make them 5 pts more expensive as base, and say ‘must have either a star bola or zephyrglaive’ or ‘may exchange star bola for zephyrglaive’?

- Double page spread of Warhammer World (including exclusive models which aren’t available anymore?) –

Modelling and Painting: Sprues and Glue – ‘converting’ fallen (mixing bits from several different plastic kits), and two whole pages on drilling out gun barrels.
Pretty worthless.

Modelling and Painting: Paint Splatter – Painting Guilleman, and then oddly, two pages on painting different textures, before...

Painting Masterclass: Materials & Textures – A much better six pages on painting different textures.
I don’t get why the Paint Splatter bit exists. It’s redundant.

Parade Ground: Blood For the Blood God – No less than eleven Age of Sigmar Khorne Angry-Dudes. Eight of the eleven are painted by the same person, so they’re pretty similar.
Articles in which multiple people paint the same (/similar) model have been done before (circa issue 245 with the newly released 40K Chaos Lord, for example) and can work, but the majority of the schemes pictured here are just too similar to each other.

Readers’ Models – Six pages again feels filler-y. I don’t think we really need multiple models/units from the same contributors.

- Full page ad for Warhammer Live –

- Full page ad for Warhammer Community –

In The Bunker – ’’What have people’s reactions been like?’ [to the recent Hobbit models/rules] ‘Overwhelmingly positive – there’s a lot of excitement for Middle earth right now’’; not so much excitement that there’s been more than token content in White Dwarf though.
Nothing much of interest here.

As is usual now, superficially there appears to be far more content than there actually is.

There are hints of a series of more interesting articles; or else the featured articles could have been swapped out for more content-rich/heavy articles which would have had the same sales-promoting effects (for example the Dawn of War article could have been something which you’d think would have been obvious ideas for years – background on the plot(s) of the games, conversion ideas for characters from the games, new rules for characters/units/fortifications, terrain building ideas for the various racial buildings (Marine drop turrets seem like they’d be easy since they’re a Forge World turret with a Drop Pod frame around it), rules for playing out the campaigns from the games using Planetary Empires, etc. ect. – the Ultimate Guide could have been presented as an in-universe document – the Army Showcase could have been a tournament/event report for one of the events mentioned – the ‘Eavy Metal article could have been about converting Guilleman (or even turning him into the Emperor)).

The new rules and Painting Masterclass are alright (although the painting article isn’t covering new ground), but the rest?

06-03-2017, 10:49
a solid 8.

nice battle report with maps. army choice was nice to see rather than some of the recent ones which seem a bit SPAMMY for my liking.

i really like the stage by stage guide to painting models. i hope they upload them to to their website so they can easily be found.

a good mixture of other stuff for the different systems/games.