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The Black Shield
19-03-2017, 22:00
If you read the Warhammer 40K or Horus Heresy, what novel did you have most difficult time finishing?
So far mine has been Pharos. I started reading it monthe ago and am still not half way through it.

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Lord Damocles
19-03-2017, 22:10
I struggled to find the motivation to slog through Dark Disciple.

I was only reading it because it was the second in the Word Bearers trilogy, with books one and three featuring Necrons. All of the main Chaos characters are ludicrously OP (which gets turned up to eleven in Dark Creed!)

For reference, I happily read through Dawn of War, which is almost so bad it's good.

Lars Porsenna
20-03-2017, 16:34
Sons of Dorn. So much so I never actually finished it!

Pharos was a bit of a drag too. I just didn't feel the stakes in it or really cared about the characters. It also did not reveal much of the 30K setting... no secrets, but a lot of bolter porn over Guilliman's macguffin...


The Black Shield
20-03-2017, 18:31
I liked Dawn of War. I'm really, really not picky with my Warhammer novels, so when I say something was a slog it was really a really hard read. I've been known to sometimes read 2 a day when on vacation.

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