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14-07-2006, 08:43
I'm planning on a Genestealer Cult army and am having difficulty remembering how the generations of Genestealers work.

I know that there are a few stages of various hybrids, then a Magus appears somewhere and at the final stage offspring is either entirely human in appearance or entirely genestealer and the cycle begins again.

Can someone clarify for me?

14-07-2006, 10:15
:skull: There are four generations of hybrids, each one more and more human. Quick roundup from the Compilation:

1:st generation - 4 arms. Carapaced body.
2:nd generation - 3-4 arms. Carapaced body.
3:rd generation - 2-3 arms. Crouched body.
4:th generation - Fully humanoid.

They all have hypnotic gaze and brood telepathy. 3:rd and 4:th generations can have psychic powers. Magus is just another name for a 4:th generation hybrid who takes on the nominal leadership of the cult. He's a manipulative facade, using oratory prowess and hypnotic powers to recruit new members.

14-07-2006, 10:19
Cool! Thanks very much :)

Is 1st generation = Genestealers? or first generation of hybrids?

14-07-2006, 10:22
Those are the Hybrids.

If I recall, the Magus is part of the fifth generation, which breeds either normal humans ore purestrain stealers?

14-07-2006, 10:25
Cool! Thanks very much :)

Is 1st generation = Genestealers? or first generation of hybrids?
1st generation of Hybrids. The original 'stealer and the infected host (or Patient 1 if you like) would effectively be the 0th generation.

5th generation (and presumably beyond, assuming the cult stays secret that long) can be normal humans (forming Brood Brother units IIRC), 4th generations, or purestrain genestealers.

15-07-2006, 06:07
As I recall, fifth generation was purestrain genestealers. The Magus tends to be the most powerful fourth generation hybrid.

On a related note, the genestealer which starts the cult, the one who implants the first person who forms the cult, is the Patriarch.

the spook
15-07-2006, 15:46
I thought the brood brothers were guys infected by the purestrain genestealer who is now under its control? Thus the source of the IG troops they used to have.

15-07-2006, 15:51
How do the generations come about? Sex or egg-in-the-stomach?

15-07-2006, 16:23
The Genestealer uses it's Ovipositor to inject it's DNA into the host, it combines with host's DNA and they hybrids are spawned in the way that is normal for the host species.

As all of the Patriarch's human (or other host species) subjects are entirely subservient to his will they become baby making machines, any notion of love, repulsion or consent are overidden, this way hybrids get to breed too, I imagine this would mean you get some very young mothers.

The cult will quicky try to secure psykers where possible as these will aid the coming of the Magus who (IIRC) is a 4th Generation offspring.

First and second Generation stealer hybrids get the hypnotic gaze thing too.

15-07-2006, 16:29
I thought the brood brothers were guys infected by the purestrain genestealer who is now under its control? Thus the source of the IG troops they used to have.

Apparently the unborn infant consumes part of the hosts brain in order to control it.

15-07-2006, 16:32
Where did you get that from? The Genestealer "kisses" its prey which will gain the genestealer's genetic material, when the prey mates and gets offspring that offspring will have Genestealer traits. The further the generation the more human the hybrid becomes. The original Genestealer becomes a Patriarch, sort of a hive leader.

15-07-2006, 16:38
I never quite understood how the Patriarch came about. Surely there is more than 1 genestealer in the initial infiltration?

Or perhaps the Patriarch is the oldest or alpha male of the original brood?

Shaper Shakra
15-07-2006, 16:45
Or there are a hell of a lot of 'stealer cults.

15-07-2006, 16:48
That's a possibility. Maybe the Genestealer brood spread themselves out into 'territories' in the initial stages?

15-07-2006, 16:57
I dont know if more Genestealers would infiltrate a world at the same time. How do they get to those worlds? They dont have hive ships or anything, I assume they have pods big enough for a single genestealer.

After reproduction the Genestealer starts to change into a Patriarch, more generations get born and eventually new full breed genestealers can be born as well. (now this never really made sense to me unless you would need a very small part of the genestealer gene which would be dominant)

15-07-2006, 17:01
In the background Genestealers get to worlds in Space Hulks that inevitably break the atmosphere, burn up and crash.

But we all know that Space Hulks are full of Genestealers. So there must be more than 1 that makes it out alive.

15-07-2006, 17:03
So, the 0 generation, purestrain Genestealer oviates, and then the subsequent generations come about from Hybrid/human sexual activities? After I've tried to imagine 1st generation Hybrids mating with humans, I guess I know why GW hasn't released a Cult list yet ;)

15-07-2006, 17:12
all about genestealers.


15-07-2006, 17:46
Excellent detail Navarro

15-07-2006, 18:04
all about genestealers.


That's what we around here call cheating ;)

15-07-2006, 18:41
A genestealer just naturally get tougher and stronger, and a bit slower as they get older and older. Usually there is just one patriarch, if there are multiple genestealers in the first attack, one is chosen to stay and the rest are slowly sent off planet via infected space traders or some such, to infect other planets.

People are infected via the ovipositor and gain the genestealer DNA, thier FIRST child is then a hybrid, the rest of thier children are normal humans, with the genestealer DNA. This allows for a much larger and easier time of infecting the rest of the populace.
99% of the cult is just Brood brothers, infected humans willling to die for the hybrids and genestealers, be they infected by a genestealer, hybrid or by birth.
There is no limit to the amount of people a genestealer or hybrid can infect, so as generation and generation goes by more and more hybrids are created.
So by the time the fifth generation comes about a HUGE amount of purestrains are born. After sending a few of the new genestealers off-planet via brood brother ship captians is taken care of, the time for conquest has come. This causes a big psycic beacon to shine in the warp for the hive mind to see and to home in on, as to absorb the placiated or at least very weakened population of the planet.