View Full Version : Battle for Vedros

03-04-2017, 16:15
I went to The USA to see my inlaws, while there i went to an independent retailer and a GW shop. The independent retailer in Texas informed us about the box. He had only the reinforcement and couldn't get the main box. It was a pain in the... to get. At the end, it was only through Amazon USA that we got it. The box is not available outside the USA and maybe UK. It's not available outside of independent retailers, so not in a GW shop.

So, due to the rarity of the box, i don't know if a lot of people got one. I would like to know if you have one and if you enjoy it as an initiation box?

04-04-2017, 20:53
Don't have it, but I remember it being a US-only repack of the old "Black Reach" starter box with simplified rules.
Because baka yankees can't handle proper wargaming rules.