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02-06-2017, 14:09
We are just out of arms length of the 40k 8th ed, and, wow, lots going on. I'm pumped and ready to play. I'm pre-ordering the starter kit tomorrow, (I live here in the States so in case if anyone gets confused here you go), and I'm pretty sure an SM codex will follow. Anyway, this will be my closing thoughts on this and I hope some will think the same way.

Streamlined Rules - Yes, this has streamlined rules. Simplifying some things, but still maintaining many rules that makes 40k what it is today. Let's face it, it's not an entirely new game. That's not a bad thing though. I'm happy to see it's still the 40k that I recognized since I first started playing when Tau hit. It's not perfect, but it's the best we've had so far.

Balanced Armies (at least the most of them) - I'm happy to see armies like Tyranids and Grey Knights get the love they deserved without being too much. Eldar still needs their stupid shurieken weapons worked (AP-3 is NOT balanced), but windriders finally being kicked over to FA, 16" movement (22" total when advancing), and a 4+ is a plus. Wraith units still tough, but no where near as overpowering. Soulburst no longer being used with vehicles. So, with the exception of the bladestorm weapons, Eldar are being balanced out. There's more, but we have to move on (BTW, the info I got were based on some leaked pics of the indexes, in case if some haven't seen them yet).

Old and New - If no one has looked at it yet, Warhammer Community released a decent sized article on what's coming. Something new: the SM Repulsor tank, which looks awesome, and a global campaign for all 40k players. Both really cool, but what has me more excited than anything is the return of Chapter Approved! For those not familiar with it, Chapter Approved, you could say, was the original supplement books for 40k, but so much better. They took the white dwarf articles and combined them into these books to be used in regular gaming. Something tells me it'll do something similar, but act as more glorified supplements (but better). I' love to see a return of the Kroot army, and actually have models to go along with them (for the units that were non-carnivore squads). By Christmas time we'll know. In the meantime, let's expect more of these gems to pop back up.


People Enjoying the Game - I hate playing against nay sayers and pessimistic people. They are such a drag on the game and I see so much of it out there, it's getting very dull, dry, and boring. Not saying these people will go away, but people who don't do this stuff will actually be able to enjoy themselves. Easier to understand rules, quicker games, and more in depth customization. It puts the players in control of what they want to do. Who knows? Maybe some of the people of the negative crowd will actually have fun now instead of whining and moaning. The whole purpose of this game is to have fun, and, love or hate them, I think GW has delivered. Again not perfect, but with them finally starting to listen to their base, we'll have a much more enjoyable experience. So give GW some credit for actually doing what's necessary and show some support. Otherwise, if you still hold that same hatred, there's something terribly wrong with you, and should stop gaming altogether. My advice, game and have fun!

Well, that's all. Now we await for preorders to hit. I've already made up my mind I'm gonna start a Primaris SM army (whether or not if it's good), and it'll begin with the starter kit for me (along with starting Deathguard). So, I hope most of you are as excited as I am. This could turn out to be one of the best editions we've had. Let everyone know what you think. Game on!

02-06-2017, 16:34
I'm kind of dissapointed by some of the chaos stuff like marks and gifts if mutation etc... I guess these things might come back when the proper codexes land.
Been tempted by dark eldar for a while now, and after reading they're rules i think i'm gonna start them. They kept combat drugs and power from pain, and their transports look to be more resilient - i'm in!
Overall i really like the new core rules, alternate activation melee is gonna be interesting and charging from rhinos is a plus.
Was initially excited about the starter set, but the price has cooled my enthusiasm. Might just buy some death guard separately or just the rulebook.

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02-06-2017, 19:00
Mixed bag for me; a lot of the core stuff seems solid and well thought out, but every time I think I'm getting into "the groove", they unveil something that makes me want to throw up... will reserve judgement until I've actually tried it myself, but so far.... I'm expecting an overall improvement over the current rules, if still nowhere near perfection.

The real treat, mind you, is the promise of continued support over time - if they stay true to their word, the game could be quite amazing a year from now, though I do fear a combination of overhype, blind fanboiism and near-sighted bashfests may tear it apart before that point.

Only time will tell.

de Selby
05-06-2017, 23:19
Final thoughts (before actually getting to play a game):

I like the rules simplifications (for the most part) and army building is a more straightforward process now, particularly if you're just starting out and want to use power levels. I like that there's a single consistent set of lists covering all of my 1000+ miniatures.

Some of the tricks they've used to shift rules complexity into the datasheets are really quite clever. I also really like tweaks like 'heroic intervention' that make characters continue to function even though they can no longer join units.

I'm a bit concerned about the way units take turns to strike in CC, will have to wait and see how it pans out in practice. Making 'getting the charge' so very very important could have weird effects on game play between CC armies.

Also weirded out by the idea of the smaller army always finishing setting up first and then going first five times out of six (in a game where so much else is random). In a small pool of opponents that could get samey.

Not particularly keen on most of the primaris stuff and the ongoing superhero storylines, but most of the 40k world remains in place so I can continue playing with my bits of it.

I'm starting a thread for 'favourite new rules'.

Rogue Star
06-06-2017, 08:40
No friends.
No community.
No point.

Make friends?
Embrace a community?
... there's always just painting?