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14-07-2006, 19:12
I am about to start my space marine chapter, "The Black Guard". And this is the short version (lol) of the fluff. I may come out with a complete Index Astartes Article (:)) later, but this is what I currently got. I just decieded to share it here, to get some feedback and such.

Short backstory:

Chapter: The Black Guard
Homeworld: Formerly Corinth, presently Unknown
Chapter Master: None
Master Of Sanctity: None
Chief Librarian: None

They were originally known as "The Corinthian Guard", but in the mid 900s of the 41st millenium, while on campaign, around half of the chapter, under chapter master Parmegian and the Master of Sanctity Xerses, betrayed the Emperor and turned to chaos. It is belived that the traitors turned after a sword, belonging to a champion of chaos slayed by the chapter master Parmegian, was claimed as a trophy. The weapon, beeing possessed by a daemon, worked its unholy influence with the chapter master and all it came into contact with.

However only half the chapter turned, thanks to soulless tyranids. For when the chapter was about to embark upon the campaign that caused the turning of the faithfull, a Hive Fleet attacked a nearby system. Parmegian sent his second in command Aegrian with half of his marines to aid the local forces, with the intention of linking the two forces up later in the campaign. Aegrian met his ends fighting against the alians, meaning that the command of force was handed over to chaplain Antigonias. When the two forces linked up Antigonias sensed the taint in his "brothers" and seized a flamer attempting to purge his former leader. It all resulted in the forces fighting a inconclusive battle, and when imperial reinforcements closed in Parmegian and his traitors fled. Antigonias gave chase, and after a game of cat and mouse Parmegian managed to escape to the Eye of Terror.

Antigonias and his loyalists set camp near Cadia, and was on Cadia around the time of the 13th Black Crusade. During the course of the 13th Black Crusade, both parts of the chapter met outisde the fields of Kasr Tyrok. The Traitor forces, now servants of the Despoiler, fell upon the Antigonias loyalists with unholy fury, but the loyalists had right on their side and struck the traitors down with rigthous wrath. In the end the Loyalist won a close victory and the traitors was scattered and Parmegian and Xerses was killed. In the wake of the victory Antigonias renamed the chapter the Black Guard, and painted over their chapter icon with black because of the shame of the chapters betrayel.

The chapter was reinforced by the Howling Wolf chapter, who suffered a crippling defeat at the hands of the Parmegians Corinthians at Cadia and was unable to remain a individual chapter. Merged with the Howling Wolfs the Black Guards set upon bringing the rest of the traitors to justice, and started to search across the galaxy. They are currently heading towards the Medusa system, beacause a large portion of the scattered traitors is suspected of heading in that direction.

The Corinthian Guard live by a strict monodominant faith. They belive that the humans are supposed to inherit the galaxy. They massacre all they find unworthy of the emperors grace. There exists story of the Corinthians massacering one of the larger cities on Corinth because a taint of mutation was found.

The Black Guard belives in Hammer and Anvil tactics. They use their tactical squads (often mounted in rhinos) to lock the enemy in one place while their Assult marines (most of their veterans are assult marines) sweep around and flank the enemies, massacering the enemies of mankind.

Captain Ardias
14-07-2006, 19:49
Looks good, but maybe you could write something about the relationship between the black guard and the howling wolfs?

vampires are cool!
14-07-2006, 19:53
sounds great, similar to my chaos legion force

Inquisitor S.
14-07-2006, 20:27
Are you aware, that there is a chapter called "Black Guard" in existence? They're a successor chapter of the Raven Guard.

Fizban Dantares
14-07-2006, 20:39
Well, their tactics does not seem to be similiar to the Raven Guard so I don't think he is aware of it. But since nearly no single piece of fluff excist on the Black Guard it's not really a problem.

Inquisitor S.
14-07-2006, 20:40
Only in the sense that that name is already officialy taken ;)

14-07-2006, 22:00
@ Inquisitor S.
Not really, but it doesn't really affect my chapter, as its actual name is the Corinthian Guard.

@vampires are cool
May I inquire some info on your chaos legion :)? If you could point me against a thread, that would be great, if not START TYPING!

@Captain Ardias
The Howling Wolfs were a chapter, known for its couragous warriors. They relied on precise vollys of boltgun fire and their stoic warrior spirit to smite their enemies. Their tactics was similier to the Corinthian Guard (and of course the black guard), with the diffrences beeing that they would deep strike their many terminators (who were some the emprors finest, i might add) called pretorians, behind enemy lines instead of using assult marines.

They arrived late on Cadia, and were able to sneak trough the blockcades, but their ships found themselfs in no favourble position for teleportation or drop pod deployment. By deploying with Thunderhawks, they were able to get themself into a very favourable position, behind a enemy force attacking Kasr Tyrok. While the Howling Wolfs were attacking the ground forces, the chaos forces attacked their ships, driving them away. As the Thunderhawks attempted to get to safety, they got shot down and burned.

Meanwhile the Howling Wolfs made their attack on the chaos forces, killing the enemies by their hundreds. As they were cutting their way into the enemies force, a new force of chaos warriors, spearheaded by the corrupt Corinthian Guards, attacked the Howling Wolfs in the back. The Howling Wolfs were surrounded and alone against a stronger opposition. However the Pretorians managed to cut a opening, sacrificing themself so their battle-brothers could retreat, prepare and defend themself.

The remaining Howling Wolfs who had dug in on a rocky hill, about two kilometers from Kasr Tyrok, found themself outnumbered and under attack from the chaos forces. For one and a half day they resisted the attacks off the Chaos forces. With their forces wittled down from a thousand warriors till just over two hundred, they found themself unable to maintain a defensive line. However as their enemies prepered themselfs for the last attack, a Cadian relif force, attempting to flank the enemies attacking Kasr Tyrok, together with loyalist Corinthian Guards (probably hunting for their former brothers), under Antigonias, Attacked the enemies rear and flank. Seeing the oppertunity the Howling Wolf joined the frey. After a hardfought battle the loyalist forces managed pull out a victory.

In the aftermatch the renaming Howling Wolfs merged with the Corinthian Guard, and "renamed" the chapter the Black Guard.

With tactical doctrines, as well as belifs resembling each other in both chapters, they had little problems merging.

Now this was more than I originally intended to write on the Howling Wolfs, but I was so inspired anyway, that it went easy.

14-07-2006, 22:08
Colour Scheme


plese note the completly black left pouldron, hiding the chapter logo.

And yes, I love Bleached Bone. Besides the colourscheme looks kinda lika a "artistic" painting of a corinthian hopolite.

14-07-2006, 22:26
ive read worse

14-07-2006, 23:13
Well It was written on a major coffe and snus (swedish tobacco stuffed up the lip). I have plans to write it clean (gramatics is a killer, when writing in english), as it is now only in alpha stage.