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Lost Egg
22-12-2017, 20:58


I've decided to start a mini-project, to paint up a couple of small War Rocket (http://shop.hydraminiatures.com/product_info.php?cPath=40_46&products_id=104) fleets and to build some terrain to game over. I'd then like to adapt some of the scenarios for small fleet engagements and do a battle report.

Now, I've had a problem with failing enthusiasm with my hobby projects over the last few years due to an Aspie overload but hopefully I can see it through this time. I have previously done a thread on Warseer in 2014 of my War Rocket exploits but even though I enjoyed the game and played a few time I ended up selling off virtually all my gaming stuff to help free-up some head space. I'm feeling a bit more settled now and with my Birthday earlier this month I decided to try again with War Rocket but stick with a small project...I can then expand as desired.

So, here's my plan before Salute 2018 I'd like to build and paint two small fleets of 45pts each for the Galacteers (http://shop.hydraminiatures.com/index.php?cPath=40_41) & the Valkeeri (http://shop.hydraminiatures.com/index.php?cPath=40_42). Both fleets have 3 class 1s and a single class 2. I have some cool Litko counters and a jumbo D10 to game with.


Taking some inspiration from the rulebook cover I've decided to use my Citadel Battlemat combined with some terrain I plan on making to game with. I've got some cool ideas for the terrain. :cool:

I've tidied up the Valkeeri so hopefully you'll be seeing some paint on them soon...hopefully...

27-12-2017, 14:02
I think I am following your thread on LAF... best of luck here as well.:biggrin:

01-01-2018, 07:15
This looks like it's going to be a fun project!

Lost Egg
05-01-2018, 19:32
Thanks guys :D

My first small fleet is finished...


I'm really happy with how these rockets have turned out. I went with clear stems and a more grounded base as I'm planning on using them with a grassy mat and some rocky terrain. I've used Hawk widgets so I can easily pop these guys off their stems and switch out for black-space bases.

Next up I'm going to be working on some terrain for my rockets to fly round...pew, pew, pew!!!

06-01-2018, 00:34
They are cute as wee buttons!:biggrin:

Lost Egg
10-01-2018, 11:17
Thanks Codsticker :D

I've started the terrain, just a few pieces to add a wee bit of flavour to the board.


Obviously, they have only been shaped roughly and still need a few extra bits and bobs as well as texturing etc.

18-01-2018, 08:48
These are really cool, and wonderfully painted. I love how clean and bright the colours are - really fits the feel of the models.

Looking forward to seeing more!

Lost Egg
18-01-2018, 11:29
Thanks Arhalien :D I just need to do a wee spot of GS work on one of the buildings tonight, then I can start painting the terrain tomorrow. I don't think painting the rocks should take too long so after that I will be painting the Galacteers.

Easy E
24-01-2018, 21:59
Very cool. I look forward to the next set of ships!

Lost Egg
31-01-2018, 20:00
Thanks Easy E :D I'm starting my Galacteers tonight.

Right, the terrain is done...


These seemed to take me ages to finish but I got there in the end. I don't really have a particular use in mind for these buildings...I've used colours from both fleets (the Galacteers are going to be blue & yellow) so I think they can work for either. They could easily be some kind of research station, prison or whatever.

I've also recently acquired a rocket model that I may use as a cargo transport or maybe as a crashed terrain piece, not sure yet. My only solid plan so far is to get the Galacteers done and a couple of games in.

Little Joe
05-02-2018, 14:12
Well done, great to see something like this on Warseer.

Lost Egg
09-02-2018, 19:01
Thanks Little Joe :D

The Galacteers are done!


They even survived a superglue accident, though I did mange to stick the tube to my hand; it turns out it wasn't a tube of gel superglue and it flooded everywhere!

I wasn't too sure about the shade of blue but I persevered and I think it worked in the end. They should look good opposite the Valkeeri...I just need to sort out a small game to try them both out. Hopefully I can try and do a battle report too...hopefully... ;)

10-02-2018, 01:36
Yeah, I agree- the blue looks perfect.

Lost Egg
10-02-2018, 07:20
Thanks Codsticker :D

10-02-2018, 08:12
They came out splendidly nice work

10-02-2018, 14:40
They look really good. Well painted.

Lost Egg
11-02-2018, 06:08
Thanks guys, I'm sure I will be picking up some more rockets at Salute this year :D

Lost Egg
13-05-2018, 20:41
Well there weren't any rockets at Salute this year but I did pick up some Maelstrom's Edge minis to use as flying monsters...


A bit of a cliche but I have been referring to these beasts as Banshees, winged predators common throughout my corner of the Retroverse. They are able to emit sonic pulses to kill their prey...sadly for the Valkeeri below they are also potentially lethal for rockets too.


No conversions here though I did use the Dropfleet widgets again for ease of transport and whatnot.