View Full Version : Ignorant question: Where do new SM's come from?

15-07-2006, 06:35
I've been confused about this for a long time. Given that it's sorta at the core of 40k mythology, I figure I should get it straight.

So then:
-I know that SM's, either sometimes or always, get recruited from local human populations.
-I know that SM's place some importance on the preservation of their geneseed. I assume this is for its subsequent use in making a new marine to replace the fallen one.

But I don't know how those two fit together. Are new human recruits somehow genetically hybridized with a dead marine as part of their marine-ification surgery? Or are recruitment & geneseed completely separate methods of making new marines?

15-07-2006, 06:50
The Gene-Seed, only provides the material so that the 19 organs implanted into a recruit can be created, apparently that is the only way to make the new organs. :eyebrows:

A human recruit, a boy of about 10-12 years of age, who has proven himself, is implanted with organs made from the Gene-Seed. The first two increase the growth of muscles and bones, this is why the recruits must be just about to go through puberty, after that the increase in size would not be feesable. (Though the Blood Angels apparently do this through some vampiric ...edit to remain pg:wtf: )

For more details look up a copy of Index Astartes I, or WD Compendium. The latter is a bit difficult to find.

15-07-2006, 07:33
errr.... Yeah... this should answer your questions:
Also, sucessor chapters come from the adeptus mechanicus interestingly enough. The space marine chapters are required by oath to send their gene seed to the adeptus mechanicus for:
A. Checking for mutation.
B. Making more chapters.

The new chapters are created by using either willing or unwilling volounteers inserting the original progenoid/gene seed and multiplying (hence why marines carry two of them) them for harvesting until enough are there to make a new chapter.