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15-07-2006, 20:10
Alright brothers and sisters of our esteemed hobby, I have joined up with the team planing to create the best painting guide on the web. You can view the thread discussing it here. http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=41903
I bought a new army this past weekend for about $200 American, and am setting out on a quest to finish most of it by this Monday. What army you ask? A Dark Angel First Company, Deathwing, 1500 points of Terminator goodness. This whole project is going to be an expirement for me, and hopefully will help contribute to the painting guide. I will be recording step by step on how I assemble the army starting here with the basics and setting up the work area.


In this picture you can see the army still in the box, well all but two dreadnoughts which have been salvaged from my Third Company army. The army will consist of one(1) Chaplain in Tactical Dreadnought Armor with a pair of Master Crafted Lighting Claws, two(2) Terminator squads, consisting of five(5) Terminators each, one(1) Terminator Assault Squad of five(5) Terminators armed with Lightning Claws, one(1) Venerable Dreadnoughts armed with an Assault Cannon and Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon, two(2) Dreadnoughts, one with a Plasma Cannon and Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon, the other with a Lascannon and Missile Launcher. One Terminator squad will be armed with two(2) Assault Cannons, and the other will probably recieve Cyclones Missile launchers. This is a 1500 point army.


Here you can see my water pot, my cleaning tissue, and my Pallette, I know it is hard to see, but you can see the corner of it covered in paint. Also pictured here is my Razorblade knife, you always want to make sure you have extra blades and that the blade is never dull, and a pair of Needle Nose Pliars that you can buy at a Home Depot for relativly cheap.


These are all replacement blades for my second knife(Not pictured). They also serve well as sculpting tools to go along with my normal tools. I bought the set with the knife for $15 American at a Home Depot in my home town.


Here we have my can of Chaos Black spraypaint. I know some of you may wonder why I will be using Chaos Black to basecoat a army that essentially will be a white-bone color. The answer is simple. Using a black basecoat over white helps shadow the model, and in our world of hyper-realism, shadows are very important. Next to the spraypaint is a bottle of Elmers White Glue. Used in applying my basing materials, which can be seen in the Central Market tub infront of the glue. In the Pencil holder is my second knife, my paintbrushes, and two pairs of tweezers with different lengths and styles. Also the the side of the Basing material you can see three bottles of Super Glue. I use Super Glue over Plastic Cement because I'l rather not have my plastics melt to each other, Super Glue can be cleaned up easier if it drips on a model than Plastic Cement because plastic cement melts the plastic to form solid joints. On top of the tub of basing materials is something that I consider one of the most important pieces when modelling. Wire Cutters. I use them to clip the tabs off metal models, and sometimes to remove bitz from a sprue. They are also very helpful in creating rubble or low brick walls. Behind all of these materials you can see a red container with plastic compartments. I really suggest when building an army all at once you use this. You can seperate squads, characters, and assorted bitz for your army by compartment, that way it is all together and you don't lose pieces or get them mixed up.

15-07-2006, 20:12
to show your commitment to the project you will cut off one of your toes? gl

15-07-2006, 20:14
Can you make the pics any wider?

15-07-2006, 20:17
Why the need to do it in a weekend?

15-07-2006, 20:24
I can see the advantages of having a speed painted army in the UPG - Some people want to get there armies on the table ASAP but usually have them looking pretty bad - something like this could really help if they look good at the end of it.

Then again, its deathwing, and part of me wants you to take your time with it...

15-07-2006, 20:26
Soory, mods if you could close the other thread since this has replies, it double posted, computers buggin. Storm Trooper, the pics were working fine on the B&C, but then they were huge here, I resized them and am reposting the images and the second half of pictured. The need for doing it in the weekend, or atleast having it assembled and started by monday is simple, tournament! lol. Yes I know I am probably going to be ridiculed for this project but I believe I can do it, and I will try to do it to the best quality I can, if I don't finish the entire army by the end of the weekend, oh well, I'll still play with it, and I'll continue to paint it and expand on it. And yes, I would be willing to lose a toe for this project.

15-07-2006, 20:30

Desk lamp, simple enough. This is a key feature, it allows you to illuminate the model more than natural lighting will. Very helpful when painting the tiniest details, which in this army I will be.


Paints, I have organized it by colors, and have the Games Workshop color tabs, came out with a White Dwarf a long time ago, placed on top of them. Next to the paints I have my trusty packet of Green Stuff, as this is a Dark Angel Deathwing army, I can't call it complete without atleast sculpting hoods and tabbards onto each and every terminator, maybe even the chaplain. Not pictured here or in any of the other pictures is my file sets and my pin vice. Don't worry, I do have all of them as well, but they are currently not pictured. The Pin Vice I have to aquire new bits for as my last one broke about a week ago and my files just slipped my mind when taking the pictures.


I know, doesn't seem like it will help with the painting, but trust me it will. A Straight back chair, nice and sturdy, also has supports on it so I can rest my feet on them and brace myself against my knees. Don't ask about the color, my moms kitchen chairs are weird like that. We never use them, we all eat in the Living Room.


Here is an overall photo of the workspace. It is clean crisp, there are two windows, one is closed and the shades closed, the other is open and shades open, allowing light and a nice cool breeaze to flow into the room. You can see all the supplies but the chair as I moved it off to the side for the pictures.

The next update should be later tonight when I get off work. I will start setting up for basing the models and seperating them into their squads. Please keep an eye on this as this is going to be the biggest project I have done to date, even bigger than 1500 points of Black Templars in 14 hours.

Asmodia_dark: I speed painted 1500 points of Black Templars in 14 hours and had the best painted army in the CoD Tournament they were entered in. Even though the tanks only had highlights and some details, all the troops were painted and detailed and based, the characters had even more attention. The whole thing was done in 13.5 hours. I'm pretty confident that this army will look amazing when done. This is the second half of the first post.

15-07-2006, 22:30
White undercoat is better, trust me, it's less stressful and you can simply paint in the shadows- and then shoot up to the bright colours.

Lame Duck
15-07-2006, 22:34
Now thats dedication, don't u just luv how he says one(1) for understanding ease and goes over every detail.

You don't get out much do you, but hey, we don't mind ;)

looks promising.............

15-07-2006, 22:35
If you really want to paint this army in true DW colours, a white undercoat will be best. Why? because you can paint the model in a wash of watered down snakebite leather and then drybrush the bone on. I have a mate who has used this to paint his marine army. If done properly it will look good - plus its fast.

15-07-2006, 22:37
Drybrushing? Pah!

Do it like the pros! :D

16-07-2006, 03:36
Thanks guys, I'll do two test models on spare power armored models and see how it goes. The bases will be primed black for sure, but thanks for the tips, I'll try them out. And I do to get out alot! I spend alot of my time at work or out with my friends, but this weekend will be all about painting and modeling for me. Soon to come...... Basing tutorial!!! lol.

16-07-2006, 05:43
All right, I am writing the basing tutorial right now. I am almost done with the actualy bases for the entire army, so the tutorial is only making them, not painting. Keep looking, it should be up in about 30 minutes.

16-07-2006, 06:10
Ok, well here we go. We're moving along with this project. So now we are going to be working on bases. First off let me say that this is just how I choose to do the bases in this army, it doesn't mean that it is the only way. Also, this will not cover painting the bases, that will come later, this is all about modeling them for a City Fight Display base that will also come later. So shall we begin? Good.


In these two pictures you can see the nineteen(19) bases each have some rubble on them. The rubble is pieces from the Warhammer 40K ruin set that came with the third edition starter set if I remember correctly, as well as a statue that came with one of the Lord of The Rings starter sets. I had always wanted to use it on a base for a model or terrain and now I have! The ruins and rubble are just glued straight onto the base with super glue and left to dry. While they are drying get ready to dump alot of basing material of your choice, in this case sand and basalt, on top of the bases.


Here you can see all the bases with the Elmers White Glue on them, I know it doesn't look like they are completely covered by the glue, but don't worry, thats why I do two(2) layers of basing material. I don't think there is much more to explain in this step, so I'll move on. Oh one more thing, I apply the glue to the edges of the rubble and ruins, but not over the whole thing, but I do it every where there isn't rubble.


Now we are ready to pour out our basing material onto the bases. As you can see there is a pile of unused basing material near the bottom of the picture, I pour out some to remove some of the basalt and have an even mixture of sand and basalt. Can you find all the bases? I almost missed a few and that was with my bare eye, not the crappy camera I am using currently.

16-07-2006, 06:10

Here is a close up picture of the bases after the first layer of basing. You can't tell but about half that sand won't be there when I begin the second layer.


Ok, well the second layer looks just like the first, but it will come out with more sand still on the bases. I don't know how to explain, but I think the picture tells all.

Ok that is all I have for now. I'll take pictures of the bases once they have been cleaned of all the excess basing material. Also coming up is the stages to prepare the models for painting.

16-07-2006, 07:36
Have you checked out the articles on DEATHWING CENTRAL?

16-07-2006, 08:14
No, I've seen the sight, but I never saved the link. If someone can send me it, that would be great. I did some Greenstuff work on the Assualt Cannon squad and the Assault Squad. I still have to sculpt the tabbards on the last squad. I don't know if I want to sculpt hoods over the terminator helmets on the Assault Squad. I have wood elves heads on everything but the Terminator Assault squad and the Chaplain, so should I continue the hood theme?
Please give me your imput.

16-07-2006, 08:47
I dont want to put a downer on this, but why are you making this guide? I read through it and feel like Im being told to suck eggs - unless warseer is full of noobs who dont know how to build and paint :p

16-07-2006, 09:35
Don't be negative when this project is in so early a phase. Dude wants to paint his army and he wants to do it quick. I guess one can learn a thing or two about setting up for this properly.

16-07-2006, 11:12
Deathwing Central (http://deathwing.homestead.com)

Here ya go

16-07-2006, 13:57
14 pictures and we have yet to see so much as a sprue..........

16-07-2006, 14:20
14 pictures and we have yet to see so much as a sprue..........

Don't you get it?

'Best. Tutorial. Ever.'

This means that every little thing must be described and shown- if you don't want to read about something, just skip it, because the time will come for the sprues and models themselves.

16-07-2006, 16:10
As Plasma Demon said this is part of the Best Tuttorial Ever, 'UPG', Prject here, but this isn't the only place I've shown this project. And yes, As par the project it was set out to help newer plaers or people who just don't know or want to know more, ect. So every detail needs to be covered. I'm doing a quick sculpting tutorial with the third squad and then shall be updating. Also, you won't see the sprues, as they were already stripped of the sprues adn organized into my container in the backround.

16-07-2006, 17:33
Alright, the camera died while I was working on the Greenstuff tutorial, so I am just going to have to write it with the few pics I got and then add some more later. I'll be doing that shortly. As for the armys progress, all the terminators are assembled and ready to be primed. All that is left to assemble is the Venerable Dreadnought, the other dreadnought is already assembled.

16-07-2006, 19:05
if you can try and get different feet for the venerable dreadnought it'll look a huge amount better.


16-07-2006, 19:08
Mmm, you can even try doing the 'chicken' legs on the dreadnough- using the sentinel legs, but replacing the shins with lascannons and bulking them up.

Don't forget to lower the 'fist though if you decide in doing these legs.

17-07-2006, 01:47
I dunno, I really like the clawed feet, but we'll just have to see. I just got off work and am getting ready to prime the terminators and their bases.

17-07-2006, 18:39
Alright so here is a minor update. The pictures aren't great, but it is the best I can do with this crappy camera.




Here you can see the Terminators as they were before sculpting tabbards on them, althought this is only the squad with Assault Cannons.


17-07-2006, 18:40



These pics are of the army after I primed it, they have all had tabbards sculpted onto them and then were primed white. I know my sculpting isn't the best, but I think they came out better than most my past


Here is how the armor will look when it is done. I am writing the tutorial at the moment so expect that soon.

Comments and critisism welcome. Please let me know what you think, and anything you would like to see.

18-07-2006, 00:00
I doubted wood elf heads would look good. They do though. Pat yourself on the back.

18-07-2006, 04:42
Thanks, I had a game tonight with them, my 1500 points against 1500 points of Necrons, the game ended in 15 minutes, with no casualties to my Stubborn Army. He lost all but 3 Destroyers, 1 Warrior, and 1 Monilith. All the action took place in two turns! lol.

18-07-2006, 05:53
as far as a project guide, this is awesome, and there are some great ideas (especially with the basing tray) that could be used, however, as for the technical photos of various bits of gear, It leaves a little to be desired. I ideally need something on a clean white background to work with in photoshop, and preferably something sharp and high resolution. I realise that IS asking for a lot, but practice and multiple shots with different lighting helps no end. On the cathay project we went through thirty-eight different cover drafts from original concepts to finished piece, so I know better than anyone that patience pays off...

If you could do that sort of thing, you'd be my hero and it means I could get started right away on the mats section.

As for this, your army is looking killer and I'm looking forward to seeing the end product. Rest assured this will probably see use, but not untill nearing the end of the book where we address the skills of army painting as a whole.

If you want to be super helpful, take extra care on one or two models and do detail shots showing a step by step method of painting bone, as we do have a slot for tutorials on painting said colour. do your absolute best to get nice clear photos on a white background, I'll do the rest in photoshop and indesign.

18-07-2006, 16:19
Thanks mate. I am saving a few models for actualy tutorials. I had to get my good camera and tripod back from my boss, which I got yesterday, so tonight I shall be taking clear photos and writing a tutorial for the bone, and a better basing tutorial.

18-07-2006, 16:45
Thanks mate. I am saving a few models for actualy tutorials. I had to get my good camera and tripod back from my boss, which I got yesterday, so tonight I shall be taking clear photos and writing a tutorial for the bone, and a better basing tutorial.

I also can tinkle with your photos in PS, to save time...
by the way, what Nikon camera do you have?

18-07-2006, 17:41
I'm not necessarily sure, I can check when I get home. I had to stay with my dad and stepmom last night, so I only have the army with me, none of my materials and cameras. I think it is a Nikon 5500 or a Nikon 5700. I also have a D70, but thats not really mine, it's my dads, I use it for photography when I am over here though. I need to get PS for that computer, I have it on this one, I love it! lol.

19-07-2006, 05:23
Alright, here is an update with slightly better pictures. The bone really isn't that dark in real life, nor is it that thick. I used a better camera this time. All the models are only on their basecoats.


This is the Deathwing Grandmaster I had Marshall Barbarossa sculpt me last year. He hasn't been painted yet, I need to strip him and reprime him, he will also be on a different base.


Here is the Chaplain, he is hard to see, but I tried my best.


This is squad number one, with two assault cannons, this squad deals the most firepower so far.


This is the second Terminator squad, armed with two heavy flamers.

19-07-2006, 05:24

Finally the Terminator Assault Squad, three of the models haven't even been basecoated yet, but they will be soon! All five have lightning claws, because it is my prefered weapon, hence the handful of them in the army!


Venerable Dreadnought, basecoated with the brown. Not much else to say except for the fact that it is hard to stay together at the waist.


Last dreadnought, primed white and needing to be worked on. The paint looks thick, but it really isn't that bad. Plasma Cannon and Missile Launcher, deadly combo, but I miss the strength 10 with the Power Fist.

Comments and crit. welcome.

19-07-2006, 06:20
The "younger" Dread looks really awkward. The pose of the plasma cannon just feels downright wrong. It should be pointing at the enemy, not the ground. And as it is posed now, the Dread looks like he's either dancing or about to shoot himself in the foot.

And drill out the gun barrels, please! The rest of the modelling looks good, but undrilled guns destroys the look of everything.


19-07-2006, 06:47
Haha, the gun on the dread isn't going to be like that when it's done. I know I know, I need to drill the barrels. I will before I finish the armies.

20-07-2006, 04:49
Ok, so I looked at my scheadule for the week. I work longer tomorrow but should be able to write the tutorial at work and email it to myself to add the pictures. So look foreward to that tomorrow. As for tonight, I did some work on the hoods, painted all the flesh, and did the chaplains skull. I couldn't get any detailed pics sorry, but I got an army shot, it should be abit better than the last ones.


Comments and crit welcome.

20-07-2006, 07:05
Looking good Astador, but of course its hard to tell much since its wip and the photos are from a distance, but I'm impressed by how much you've been able to do so quickly. Looking forward to the tutorial.


20-07-2006, 11:29
Say, which box are them WE heads actually from my friend? And btw, looking good so far!


20-07-2006, 13:06
There from the glade guard set

I hope forgeworld do some hooded heads or something when codex dark angels comes out - its a pain in the **** having to buy all those wood elves just for those parts

There looking alright though, the dreadnought looks a bit dodgy though...

20-07-2006, 15:22
I was talking to the guys at GW and we think that the DA will have hooded heads and robes like the BT did. Anyway, the heads game from the starter box. Thanks for the comments, the tutorial will be up tonight.

20-07-2006, 18:20
Ok guys, we're coming up on the last couple of updates before this part of the army is complete. Tomorrow I shall be returning to GW to buy another Terminator Assault Squad, two(2) Land Raiders, and a Land Raider Crusader. So lets review the project before moving on. This is the timeline I have made for the first stage.

Friday, July 14
I bought one(1) Chaplain in Tactical Dreadnought Armour, two(2) Terminator squads, one(1) Terminator Assault Squad, one(1) Space Marine Venerable Dreadnought, and stripped one(1) Forgeworld Venerable Dreadnought.

Saturday, July 15
I made my first post about the project with the first of the long log into making the army. This first part included all the photos of the army in the box, all of the tools and items I would use to assemble and paint the army, all the paints I would need, and the piece I used to organize the army.

Sunday, July 16
I began work on the basing tutorial. As it stands now it is not yet done. But the rest of the army will be finished before the basing is, so we'll say that that is the last step in this log of the project. The basing was done simply, and the pictures weren't great, so there will be new ones, consisting of a single base for making the tutorial. I already know who the base will be for and am planning it out already. That will be the last step in the project as it will also include the painting of the bases in the army.

Monday, July 17
First game with the army was that night and they had alot of work to go before I would be anywhere near happy to put them on the table top. Unfortunatly I ran out of Brown Ink that morning, but still had money left over from buying the army. While I waited I sculpted the rest of the Tabbards that I hadn't done the night before. When my mom got home we ran out to Hobby Town USA, only two minutes from my house so it wasn't far, and I bought a new pot of Brown Ink. I hurried home and began working on the rest of the army. I made sure atleast one model was white before I left to do a tutorial with. While I waited for all the Terminators basecoats to dry, I worked on the army list for the night, I ran about 1484 points or so, because of the loss of the third dreadnought, I had to find a way to make up for it, thus the inclusion of a Deathwing Grand Master with lightning claws, sculpted by Marshall Barbarosa about a year ago. I did some highlighting on some of the terminators and ran out of time. I packed them up picked up the crew for Veterans Night at GW and headed up to Grapevine, the fourty-five minute car ride was a full of tension as we had one new player with us and we didn't know who was going to play who. In the end, I ended up playing against one of the guys with us. I didn't allow him to see my list or the army before the game, it wasn't until all but one Terminator squad came in on turn three that he realized what he was dealing with and asked for my list to see how many points it was. The worst part is, he set up for a frontal assault, all his units with Disruption Fields were on the opposite side of his Monolith, which never saw action as the Venerable Dreadnought held it in combat the rest of the game. He failed to kill a single unit, and the normal dreadnought suffered the loss of its Plasma Cannon to a disrupter field, but that was all.

Tuesday, July 18
I updated the thread to keep it from dying with some individual shots. Not the best pictures, but more detailed than most the previous ones. I hadn't done much more painting work, abit of highlights on some models, but that was it. The project dropped speed with the loss of a whole day of work and no updates. But the next update should change that as I made up for the loss of a day.

Wensday, July 19
I updated the thread again, as the last update was just the same as the one before for the most part. This time it wasn't individual pics, it was the first real pics of the army as it stood at the moment, all the tabbards and hoods had been started, some finishes, all the faces were done besides the grandmaster, and the chaplains face mask was done. Payday is the next day, and so after buying my brother a birthday present I should still have enough to buy the next part of the army, Transportation.

Thursday, July 20
That brings us to today. Ah today! The day when I reveal the secret on how I achieved my armys bone. I suppose yall are abit bored reading this so sounds like it is time to move on to the tutorial. So I'll log that as todays achievment, I painted a whole terminator, completely, just to write the tutorial for my Deathwing Terminators.

I know the tutorial isn't here where it should be, but I don't want to post it without pics, if you desperatly want it without pics, let me know and I will put it up now.

Well this is my Painting a Deathwing Terminator Tutorial, perhaps mods this project can get stickied or the tutorial saved somewhere?
If you have any questions or anything, anything I skipped over or you need clarification of, let me know, I will be happy to answer any of your questions. If this project has taught me anything yet, it is that you have to take your time be patient, even when your speed painting an army, you have to be patient. Even if people tell you 'you can't do it' try anyway. If it is something you want to do and think you can, go for it. My friends at GW said they didn't think I could do the army as fast as I am, but hell, where's the fun in it if you don't have a challenge? There is a doubles tournament coming up at the GW, I'm going to have this army painted and a Third Company Army painted for it, so me and a friend can enter. Or I'll just have 2000 points of Deathwing ready for it, and we'll each play 1000 points. I plan on playing a few games next monday with the same army, unless I can convince them to let us play a 2000 point game. Well I will update this thread with photos as soon as I get home. I couldn't wait to get this to all of you who have supported me, so I'll post the first part without pictures and the pictures are already in the thread for that part.

20-07-2006, 19:33
My friend, your usage of WE hoods have inspired me to also attempt a deathwing army ^^

I thank you!

20-07-2006, 21:14
Good luck mate! Glad I inspired someone here! I love the heads, but some take alittle work to make fit and others fit but have a limited option of poses. I have the tutorial written but I'm still at work and haven't been home to take the pictures. That will be up later tonight, I have to go to dinner with some friends tonight and will be home around 9 or 10. But I promise as soon as I get home I will have a detailed tutorial to post for all of you, and tomorrow, I write the basing tutorial and post it!

21-07-2006, 07:24
I'm loving it mate, looking forward to the full tutorial in all its wordy technicolour glory - nice summery as well.


21-07-2006, 07:25
Haha thanks, I didn't get to take the pics, sorry guys. My friend came over so his sister could go get wasted with friends. Teens and our stupidity, so I have been playing Halo 2 on Live all night. I'll do the work tomorrow, again sorry.

24-07-2006, 06:23
Sorry for the triple post, but I have a update! haha, no not the tutorial. I am ashamed to say, I am not sure about the bone reciepe. I'll post pics of a squad with the armour finished for your comments, if you like it, then I will write a tutorial for this bone, if not, I will try up a new recipe on some spare models. Anyway, onto the pics.


The pics don't do the models justice I'll try and get better pics tomorrow during the day. I have 5 more terminators to do before I decide if I will continue to use this recipe.
Comments and Crit. welcome.

24-07-2006, 11:34
To me that looks more grey than bone...

Rich 123
24-07-2006, 12:44
I kno wyou are going for a darker scheme than the typical pale bone of the DeathWing however, as charlie said, it just looks grey.

The minsi really need some shading to do that scheme any justice and even for the practical nature to really tell what your recipe will look like.

Some pale browns/yellows would help make the mini pop more in the recesses, rather than undercoat. It makes it impossible for a test to actually help you much.

Youre making quick work with this project though! Just make sure you dont get through too many of your termies just to settle on a bone receipe you like...


24-07-2006, 12:47
If you're unsure about the bone recipe you're using (and I agree, I don't think it flatters the model at all) I'd recommend looking through Tyra_Nid's DW painting tutorial here (http://www.codexunforgiven.com/content/view/42/27/). I put it on the site a few weeks ago, and I think Nid did a splendid job with it.

[edit] And please, for the love of all that is good and pure in the world, drill your bolters :D

24-07-2006, 16:25
hmm, thanks for posting that Astromarine, I think I'll try it out on a terminator. Thanks for the comments, guys. I know it looks grey in the pics and now looking at it on my desk they look like brown drybrushed grey. I need to fix that. I'll try out Tyra_Nid's tutorial and post pics of the result.

24-07-2006, 16:38
I like the WE heads, they make the termies look huge, I like!! Its probably been asked already, but which WE heads do you use? Because that looks sweet on those termies.

24-07-2006, 16:50
They are from the Glade Guard box I believe. I got the box army in Chicago last year for lower player score. I had finished my army the day I flew up there and only had 1450 points or so against everyone elses 1850. I came close to winning a game, but didn't, oh well, I'm skipping it this year to make a really amazing army for next year. haha. But yeah my prize was a Wood Elf box for Fantasy and I only usually play Chaos fantasy.