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16-07-2006, 17:50
Alright, I've been looking for *some* sort of excuse to use some of my rather odd coloured paints (namely the purples, pinks, and light blues) on a few models, and decided might as well make an army while I'm at it. Tzeentch was an obvious contender in my eyes, and so I decided I will do it. Before you guys start posting up viable sample 1k army lists, just remember a few things:

1) I want it to be a Mortal army primarily... no daemons... beasts are allowed though
2) I want at least 1 unit of Chaos Warriors in there somewhere
3) 2 characters minimum... also, I'm clueless what items to give them
4) Try to avoid excessive chariots (I'm not too fond of cheese + my friends play alot of Dwarves)
5) No DoW allowed (hate them)

That's about it.. I'm fairly clueless regarding Tzeentch, so all help (and army lists) would be greatly appreciated.


*edit: Spelling stuff

17-07-2006, 19:48
Try something like:
Exalted Champ, GW, Steed, MoT
Wargor, Mot, GW
2 units of Warriors, MoT
1 unit of Knights, MoT
1 Charriot, MoT

Not 100% sure what tha comes out to (I'm lazy), but with a bit of tweaking you chould be able to make it fit in 1000. That gives you 10 Power Dice to play with, plus all the usual hitting power that a Chaos army comes with.
Hope this helps.