View Full Version : 500 points of Tomb Kings...

16-07-2006, 22:15
Ok guys a mate and I are going to put together a 500pt army each over a few months with plans to create a Project Log for the two of us to see how it all develops. Anyway here is the list I plan on using for this endevour...

Tomb Prince
Great weapon

Liche Priest

15 Skeletons
Spears & shields

15 Skeletons
Hand weapons & shields

I have discovered that at 500 points with the necessary hero choices the army is quite small, however hopefully it will grow once the Liche Priest starts summoning...

Your advice on the list and how units will work in games this small would be appreciated.


17-07-2006, 08:40
i´d talk with your buddy, so both of you play the games with the "border patrol" rules...with these rules, the armies are 500pt, too, but you only need the lich...with the save points, get some chariots or ushabti or whatever and stay with only one skelleton regiment with about 20 guys. your list has nothing to really win combats. face it: skelletons are, well...crap in winning anything on their own, and with onyl 15, you neither get the numbers nor full ranks...
with khemri, the first games (espacially with less than 1500pts and even up to 2k...tk only show all their potential and capabilities in 2k+, sad but true...) will be a hughe pain for you, but stay put, it suddely goes all the better as soon as you´re able to field a lord choice (and, in 3k, these guys are just insane compared to most other armies :p )