View Full Version : Moonstone of Hidden Ways

Brock Samson
17-07-2006, 18:15
I am a bit confused, and perhaps I am just having trouble coming to a simple conclusion, but I aks for your interpretation of the rules for this item.

One Use ... 35 points
*If the character and the unit they have joined is wholly within a wood at the end of the Move phase, the character and unit may be removed from the table and replaced anywhere that is also wholly within a wood, facing any direction.*

Am I lead to believe that at the end of my oppnts Move phase I could also use this item. Rather then in just my Move phase, as I have been playing it? It's not exactly clear ... go figure.


17-07-2006, 18:23
normaly if you would be able to use it in your enemies move phase too, there would be the term 'at the end of any move phase'. without that term it is implicated that only your move phase is ment.

Brock Samson
17-07-2006, 18:28
Thanks ... I figured as much.