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18-07-2006, 02:21
I'm looking at beginning a campaign for about 6 players, and I'm curious if anyone ahs experience with this kind of thing. I have the basic city layout, and objectives...but what makes for smooth campaign play, enjoyable experiences...etc.

18-07-2006, 04:30
Things like this are generally quite fun. It really depends what armies are participating to give it a good narrative. So, what armies are participating?


18-07-2006, 04:40
so far, I have three Imperial Marine armies, two Chaos marine armies and a Bug player.

19-07-2006, 03:08
As someone who has gotten several campaigns off the ground and then watched a few of 'em burn:

Make sure every player agrees BEFOREHAND on any 'weirdness' that might crop up. Ex.: I thought players mights be interested in 3 ways. One player just posted jokes and then when he got slammed by two players joining together, complained and quit. Make sure everyone agrees. In writing.

Be flexible. Some people's lives get CRAZY. Give these people a break. Folks might have to wait a week or two for a game to be played. I've seen some players get all peeved they had to wait for a game, but had no issue making everyone else wait on them.

Trust is huge. If there are problems, and people don't have any relationship to one another outside of the game, there will be trouble. Some people take winning very, very seriously.

Try to have more then one place to play. Having an alternative to the 'normal' house or shop is always a good idea. Puts less pressure on the host, especially when it's not their game. ;)

Just a few thoughts. Campaigns are very fun, but planning everything out to the letter is the one thing that should be done- no matter what else!

Oh, yeah. Snacks are never, ever a bad thing.

Game on!

19-07-2006, 18:08
thats true. me and 6 players had a campaign on my basement floor, the whole thing!!! our tau player ian got made when one of my snipers finished off his o'shovah. i shot the red bastard from the maximum range afforded to an exitus rifle, and he said" you cant do that, thats not fair!" i told him "he's a f*ckin' vindicare assasin! i dont see any power sword!" he got mad and just totaly destroyed our terrain and left. you really need to let people know about any thing you think could cause a fight. thats not to say give away positions, just tell him "im fielding snipers" for example. then he'll know the threat is immenent and not get suprised and pissed later.