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Freak Ona Leash
18-07-2006, 22:28
How does this sound? Every Slayer character in the new Dwarf army allows you an extra unit of Slayers. With the SoC Slayer list being...not going there... I thought this seemed like a viable way to get an army composed of blocks of Unbreakable Dwarfs :D . So, the bsic premise is take a Daemon Slayer, two Dragon Slayers and Thane or Master Engineer or something that could be the General. The first hurdle is, could I take a Slayer Lord and not have him be my General, even though he has the highest Leadership? If so, then I would need some Core choices. I was thinking three or four units of ten Thunderers to fil up the Core, then three units of 20 Slayers and a Cannon. Any points left over go into Organ Gun and Goblin-Hewer (Dwarf+Scotsman+Gatling Gun=Best character ever.) Second hurdle: People may think that 30-40 of the best shooting troops in the game with three units of Unbreakable Dwarfs and some war machines makes a cheesy army list. And if there is anything I dont want to do, it is be called cheesy. Third hurdle: Will this army work or will it just be slaughtered?

18-07-2006, 22:49
Yes, you will need at least 1 normal character. Take a runesmith and load him up with anti-magic. Slayers will go splat to magic missiles and you don't get the old 4DD+1 per 1k (6DD in 2000pts just for turning up, it disgusts me!)

You're going to end up spending what? 600pts on characters.

1: Yes you are going to have to take a none slayer character. Sorry dude

2: Does it matter if a few forum goes half the way across the world turn their noses up at you? Check it out with your local circle, their oppinion actually matters unlike mine.

3:It may or may not get slaughtered. If the locals are down with it, do a little bit of a proxie. Just to get a feel for it.

Rough sketch of a list
Daemon slayer with +1 attack +1 strength and no armour saves allowed.

Runesmith with shield, a rune of balance and a dispell scroll

Dragon Slayer with +1 strength and +2 attacks

Dragon slayer with +2 strength and +1 attack


12 Trollslayers, 3 giant slayers, full command

12 Trollslayers, 3 giant slayers, full command

12 Trollslayers, 3 giant slayers, full command

12 Trollslayers, 3 giant slayers, full command

That comes to 1499pts leaving you 501pts to fill up your core with thunderers as you wanted. You can grab 3 10 man units with shields and musicians for that 465pts.

This is really rough, I was just cranking out as many reasonable sized slayer units. :D

Math Mathonwy
19-07-2006, 08:54
I was thinking of a list with a Thane BSB (for that Rune that lets you move before the game begins), a Runesmith General, two Dragon Slayers, three units of Slayers plus Long Drong's Slayer Pirates as a rare choice and then Miners, a warrior unit for the general & BSB, a Grudge thrower or an Organ Gun and then some Rangers. An extremely in your face type of an army. Should be fun.

Note that the Always Strikes First rune is practically mandatory for a Daemon Slayer as they are kind of fragile otherwise (we wouldn't want him to bite the dust before slaughtering heaps of the enemy, would we?).

Slayer work really well with MSU-type Warrior/Long Beard Great Weapon units, btw. They are awesome in stalling the enemy and even the slow dwarves get to perform devastating flank charges that way.

Freak Ona Leash
19-07-2006, 11:38
I just threw this list together a few minutes, lets see how it does, shall we? The basic premise is, Gudrik (the Daemon slayer) was a Engineer, before being shamed when the Organ Gun he built exploded in the midst of battle, killing all its crew (my organ gun explodes in almost every battle on the first turn. Its a curse, I swear...). The shame causes him to become a Slayer. But, he still has friends in the Enigineer guild, so when Gudrik, hoping to strike out at the enemies of the Dwarfen Empire, gathers a sizeable force of Slayers under him, these friends accompany him. So at least the army has better background then "One day I wanted to do a army with a lot of Slayers, but still didnt suck too badly."

Dwarf Slayer Army:


Gudrik Zharrtromm: Daemon Slayer, Master Rune of Swiftness, Rune of Cleaving, Rune of Fury. 185 points.

Skalld Grimmarsson: Master Engineer, Army General, Brace of Pistols, Great Weapon, Master Rune of Gromril. 109 points.

Fundin The Shamed: Dragon Slayer, Rune of Cleaving. 70 points.

Character Total:


Dwarf Warriors: 20 Dwarf Warriors, Hand Weapon and shield, Full Command. 205 points.

Dwarf Thunderers: 10 Thunderers. 140 points.

Dwarf Thunderers: 10 Thunderers. 140 points.

Troll Slayers: 20 Slayers, Full Command, three Giant Slayers. 283 points.

Cannon: Rune of Forging, Engineer. 140 points.

Troll Slayers: 20 Slayers, Full Command, three Giant Slayers. 283 points.

Troll Slayers: 20 Slayers, Full Command, three Giant Slayers. 283 points.

Malakai Makaissonís Goblin-Hewer: 135 points.

19-07-2006, 13:19
1) I played several games with SOC slayers - great fun and simple tactics!
Fast moving skirmishers/flyers/cavalry who shoot was my only problem.

2) I preferred your original list - with no dwarf warriors. 3 core shooting units could deal with the fast movers more effectively then a Goblin hewer.
I would suggest 3 units of Quarrellers for their longer range and beef up the 4 slayer units.

3) A Master Engineer is almost a must have if you have 2 Warmachines or more. An entrenched Organ gun with the Master Eng. joining the Cannon is a good combo. I don't think the Master Engineer can enhance the performance of the Goblin Hewer.

4) Alternatively scrap the Warmachines and use 2 gyrocpoters to cover the pesky flyers and skirmishers.

I'm a slayer fan so I'll be interested to find out how you get on. Good luck.

Math Mathonwy
20-07-2006, 09:46
I'd leave that Rune of Cleaving on the Dragon Slayer as his Slayer Weapons (which are free!) are IMHO much better. And drop the Engineer from the Cannon (you have a Master Engineer already). Now, your biggest weakness is slowness, enemy magic and enemy skirmishers (they do bad things to unarmoured Slayers), so an Organ Gun would be highly adviceable, but I don't know what to drop.

One other thing: as Slayer units are such awesome tar pits, howabout a couple of ten strong GW warrior units to flank charge the stuck enemy?

23-07-2006, 16:10
I have only one comment: GHOULS!!! multiple poisoned attacks from HELL!!!