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18-07-2006, 23:18
What exactly is it? We know that Zaraphiston said that it couldn't exist, but that Devram Korda went and found it. Are there any rumours or hard fluff to tell us what it is? My initial thoughts were that it's the same thing that Russ supposedly went looking for to revive the Emperor, but that was meant to be situated on an Eldar planet and is unlikely to be called 'The Heart Of Chaos'.

Any ideas?

19-07-2006, 12:01
Chaos is the pseudo-physical manifestation of negative sentient emotions. perhaps devra korda found the heart of chaos in a metaphorical sense. perhaps he found it within his own mind.

Rabid Bunny 666
19-07-2006, 12:07
Perhaps it is a Wraithbone-esque planet containing the essence of the Gods? The only thing written about it is the bit in the Chaos Codex.

Khaine's Messenger
19-07-2006, 12:20
I believe I once argued that it could be one of the tears of Isha engineered by Vaul to form a gateway between the material world and the aethyr for the purpose of allowing communication between that goddess and her "children." Subsequently corrupted by sitting in ground zero of a god's birth and the resultant ten thousand years of sitting at the middle of the Eye of Terror. Mind you, it's been years since I properly read through the extensive versions of the Eldar background, so I'm not up on the Tears of Isha (iirc, that's now more a euphemism for spirit/waystones...but then again, still, haven't read up properly on Eldar background for some time).

19-07-2006, 21:24
The "Tears of Isha" are Spirit Stones, psychic foci of which little is said other than their ability to allow communication into (?through) the warp and the fact that they glow different colours in the hands of different psykers. They are not to be mistaken with Waystones that are implanted into the Infinity Circuit and, therefore, said to become 'spirit stones' (i.e. a phylactery or respository of an Eldar soul).

Of course, GW mashes these terms horrendously.


Khaine's Messenger
19-07-2006, 21:31
No, I mean the original tears spoken of in Eldar lore...whatever they were. The spirit stones, from what I gather, are derivative from the tears rather than being them...and like the Heart of Chaos, their manifestation is argued to be unique to the Eye of Terror. And so even if they are not the same, they may be related. But I shall give in...as I said, I'm not up on Eldar background.

19-07-2006, 21:32
That was the original Tears. Again, though, this is the problem of reading too much into mythological pieces.