View Full Version : 2k Shooty Ogre Kingdoms!

20-07-2006, 10:58
I don't know exactly how this would do on the battlefield, but it sure is different! =)

3 Hunters with 1 sabre tusk each and Longstrider Big names

1 Bruiser with some stuff (just because I need a general)

2 units of 3 Bulls with nothing

20 Gnoblars with nothing

4 units of 8 Trappers (thanks to having 3 hunters)

4 Scraplaunchas (thanks to having many gnoblar units)

2 units of 1 maneater with heavy armour and brace of handguns

This would be 3 bolt throwers and 4 catapults plus a bunch of weak shots from Trapper units. When the enemy gets near I have 4 chariots and 4 characters to charge in! The maneaters will be taking charges first, since they are stubborn and may allow me to counter-charge with scraplaunchas. I got no magic protection, so that might become a problem (in other words, if I go against a magic heavy army I will lose!)

20-07-2006, 12:39
were are the lead belchers man

20-07-2006, 15:36
were are the lead belchers man

In the trash bin where they belong.

I think the army looks quite weak. Sure it has four catapults, but otherwise the hunters and maneaters are fast cavalry food in no time. Is the army funny? Sure. Competitive? Nah. Unlikely.

20-07-2006, 20:22
Is the army funny? Sure. Competitive? Nah.

Thanks, so it has some potential after all =)

Though nobody else around here plays OK, so it may be wasted funnyness. It would only be funny as a contrast to how most others play OK!

21-07-2006, 18:54
reminds me of my gobbo list.... 120 NG with shortbows and fanatics and the rest was all shamans and bolt throwers... it didnt win but it sure was fun seeing all those fanatics do the whirlwind....