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20-07-2006, 13:42
After some thought I've decided to try a Kislev themed Empire army. Has been fairly pricey to chase down all the bits but hopefully it will be worth it Have made up the following 2250 point list, which I plan on eventually taking to tournaments and will use in 7th ed.

As I'm a newbie to Empire, any advice would be really appreciated! Thanks guys

Elector Count (converted Tsar Boris on steed)
- barded warhorse
- full plate, shield
- holy relic
- sword of power

Wizard (Ice queen fig)
- on warhorse
- 2 dispel scrolls

Warrior Priest (converted boyar on steed)
- barded warhorse
- sword of might
- enchanted shield

Captain (converted Mordheim champ)
- bsb
- icon of magus
- skaven helm
(Goes in spearmen)

24 spearmen (converted Mordheim Kislev halbediers
- full command
- Griffon banner
Detachments: - 10 archers (kossars with bows)
- 10 halberdiers (Mordheim Kislev halberdiers)

9 IC knights (gryphon legion figs)
- full command
- warbanner

9 knights (winged lancers)
- full command

5 knights (winged lancers)
- muso

10 crossbowmen (Mordheim Kislev crossbowmen)
- muso

5 huntsmen (kossars)

Great cannon

Great cannon

3 Iron guts/bear riders (converted Tsar Borises on bear)
- muso, standard

5 DoW light cavalry (horse archers)
- bows, spears, muso

Total: 2244
Power dice: 3
Dispel dice: 4 (2 scrolls)

21-07-2006, 14:56
Why not take use the allied rules for Kislev.

Take a Boyar and a few units of lancers and mounted archers. Back them up with heavy cavalry and the artillery. Like the bears...use them myself in my list.

Fallen Scholar

22-07-2006, 02:23
I dobut the Kislev rules will survive in the new Empire army book so am designing a list without using them :)