View Full Version : 1,5 Skaven turnement

20-07-2006, 14:41
Hi I going to play a turnament this weekend I am planing to use this list can someon rate or give me some advice???? please :D:chrome: :skull:

Plague Priest 136 Pts
General, Censer, Bands of Power, Warpstone Amulet

1 Warlock Engineer 135 Pts
full equip (no pistol),Dispel Scroll, Storm Daemon

1 Warlock Engineer 135 Pts
full equip (no pistol), Dispel Scroll,Ring of Darkness

2x 25 Clanrats 200 Pts (andtandar and musician) + Ratlin gun

25 Clanrats (standar and musician)

2X 9 Night Runners 2Hw 63 Pts

23 Plague Monks 242 Pts 2HW , standar, musician and champion, Baner of the burning hatres

7 Plague Censer Bearers 119 Pts

3 Gutter Runners Tunnelling Team 63 Pts, poson HW and Poison TS

Casting Pool: 6
Dispel Pool: 4
Models in Army: 132
Total Army Cost: 1496

21-07-2006, 17:24
Well i'd like some Slaves in that army, or else you'll realy mess up your Clanrats with 2 ratlings and 2 warlocks. What could you possibly imagine to remove?

21-07-2006, 19:03
I would take out the night runners and 4 Plague monks for 2 good-sized (20+) units of Slaves with no upgrades. (only costs you about 80 points, and give you a couple of throw away units, which are always handy, especially with skaven)

21-07-2006, 21:22
Itīs an option but I donīt have the model yet so I have to duel only whit clanrat xD