View Full Version : What suprises lie in store in the wake of "Horus Rising" and "False Gods"?

Captain Gawain
22-07-2006, 03:20
I have been pondering the possibilities for suprises in the wake of the new "Horus Heresy" novels.

Does anyone out there believe that we could see something unexpected? Perhaps a admission by the Emperor that the things Horus saw were true, and he was seeking godhood?

I'm just hoping for something that will throw light on the fact that Horus may not have been true

Crazy Tom
22-07-2006, 21:13
Firstly, I'll point out that this has been discussed to death and there are several other threads talking about similar things, if not the same thing.
That aside, I think the general consensus is that because it was a Chaotically-induced vision, the whole incident cannot be trusted.

Anways, I covered several possibilities in an earlier post... I'll go find it.

Edit: Here it is...

That Chaos vision certainly painted the Emperor in an unflattering light, didn't it? I had to keep reminding myself it wasn't real, that Horus wasn't actually there. The Emperor allowing the warp vortex that tossed his sons to the far corners of the galaxy to happen... It's a scary thought. As is him making a deal with the Chaos Gods so he could create the Primach.

What would be his reasons for doing this in real life? Did they know that the warp at that time was psycho-reactive? If he knew how Slaanesh had come into being, he might have forseen that the worship of trillions could create an entity powerful enough to safeguard mankind... fairly altruistic. Or out of fear for his own death he might have hidden himself away in the Golden Throne, creating the Imperium and the Inquisition to protect him from the vengeful Chaos Gods - angry that he reneged on their deal.

22-07-2006, 21:20
Remembering, of course, that in the original background it was only the Eldar that had made the conceptual leap between the warp and psyker powers... Of course, that doesn't mean a great deal in the melee that the modern 'fluff' has become.