View Full Version : Multiple marks! (lizardmen)

Goq Gar
22-07-2006, 11:30
Could a saurus old blood take 3 marks of sotek? or a scar vet with two marks of quetzl? (I.e. a saurus old blood with +3 attacks on the charge, or a scar vet with a 3+ save, 2+ with light armour)

I cant find a rule anywhere that says multiples cannot be takes on a mark, is this a legitimate choice? If so I've got a few ideas for the Mounted scar vet of doom w/grt wpn.

22-07-2006, 13:39
From the official Lizardmen FAQ:

Q. Can a unit or character have the same Blessed Spawning twice? E.g. can my Saurus Warriors take two Blessed Spawnings of Quetzl to get +2 to its scaly skin?

A. No!

Goq Gar
22-07-2006, 14:45
yay! The answer is told and I can inform the masses!

Yea, i'll stick that up on the rules board when I get to the shop, thx zombo.

(The rules board is a section of wall where we write rules we discover/make up as house rules, theres about 100 now)