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Emperor's Light
17-06-2005, 00:27
The title speaks for itself. But to clarify, I'm interested in what people think about the systems overall. By "overall," I mean, take into factors such as price, game title selection at present, game titles coming out, the capabilities of the machines themselves (graphics, ergonomics, battery, etc.), and anything else you would consider relevant in purchasing either one.

My impression so far is that Nintendo DS really lacks titles I am interested in. I also don't think the stylus adds anything to the games. So far I feel that a PSP would be a better purchase. However, I have been hearing horror stories about "dead pixels."

So what are your views?

Ass Goblin
17-06-2005, 00:29
DS for me. If I wanted to play PS2 Games I would play them on a PS2 on a big screen. Not on a tiny screen with a 2 hour battery life.

17-06-2005, 00:39
Neither. As I child I would have loved either, but as an adult I seldom find any use for a portable game system. When I'm not near a TV to play traditional videogames, I'm always too busy doing other things to play games. They would have been nice to have on long trips as a kid though.

17-06-2005, 00:44
DS. I've always hated the gameboy, and the PSP is just a gameboy with better graphics. Woo, awesome 3" graphics!

DS on the other hand has very interesting and fresh gameplay...

Twisted Ferret
17-06-2005, 01:49
Neither, because the idea just doesn't appeal to me, like Rykion said.

Emperor's Light
17-06-2005, 05:11
That brings up an interesting point. Do people who buy DS or PSP really use its portability?

I have a friend who has both. He just sits in his room to play them. :eyebrows:

However, having a good portable system is not bad for adults to have to do a lot of travelling. For example, a plane flight from San Francisco to Taipei is 11 hours (14 coming back.) *shudder*

Oh yes I did
17-06-2005, 06:04
I'll admit, I was a bit sketchy on the DS when it first came out. I kind of wanted one, just to keep the GBC-GBA-SP continuity going, but I wasn't really going to buy one. Honestly. Then my little brother got me one for my birthday, and it's really grown on me. Like, a lot. Admitedy, I've only played a little PSP, but my vote still goes DS.

And yes, I definitely use the portability. Otherwise i'd play my GCN or something. It's great for lab work, when you find yourself waiting like 6 hours for stupid purifications. Or bus rides. Or plane trips. I'm convinced.

17-06-2005, 06:33
The PsP's were created by god and ones made of gold... so my vote goes for the PSP :p

I hate Nintendo, always have always will THEY SUCK <-- *My Opinion, and you can't change it*

17-06-2005, 10:03
DS for me, it has some awesome games and the wireless gaming/pictochat has saved my life on occasion. Warioware is one of the best games I've played on any system because it's just so much fun! ("warning, you will look stupid")

PSP.....ergh. Dead Pixels, air bubbles in the screen, dust in the screen, square button not working and it just reminds me too much of noobish mobile phones "wow I can watch videos and play music on a tiny screen with tinny music...erm." Phails at life.

17-06-2005, 11:10
Neither, because... .. I'm just not the handheld type. I never get chance to play them.
My commuting in the morning is about 10mins, and if i wanted to sit at home and play i'd buy a console.

I brought a gameboy color ages ago, and i must have played it 3-4 times.

17-06-2005, 12:00
niether beacuse.. the psp don't have enough battery life to satufy me for what i would use it for ( At that cost i would havt to be able to use it as an mp3 player regulary ect i t would need to be able to stand a long car journey and flight.) not the ds as it isn;t the console whcih is meant to compete with the psp ( they are meant to be amking a gba 2 and it was meant to be showing at this years E3 according to ninty.. then it was all quiet there)

17-06-2005, 12:13

T3h M0nk3h

Bubble Ghost
17-06-2005, 13:54
I've got a DS; the promise of wireless Bomberman and a new Mario Kart were too much for me. And Mario 64 with the new bits and characters is great too, a worthwhile upgrade rather than a rehash. And the stylus is great, not just a gimmick; it really adds a different dimension to a game that uses it cleverly.

I'm almost certainly not going to buy a PSP, unless something REALLY special comes out for it. All the media stuff is pointless, it's just more of the function fetishism that's blighting mobile phones as well.

17-06-2005, 16:48
I unfortunatly bought the DS. but mostly unfortunatly beacause i don't use it at all. i play compy, console, and mini games to much to play. and i don't travel much.

I don't like nintedo beacause it seems all there game are kiddy games, no real good rpgs, fps, and crazy killer games. only cool thing on ds is the demo for metroid hunter. i don't have any friends with it som multiplay isn't anything. all i play on it is FF 1-2. could have gotten GBA for that oh well.

I'll not buy a portable till they have a holographic emitter that is at least as large as a standard tv and doesn't require buttons...

17-06-2005, 16:50
i dont have either but i wold pick the ds coz of the touch screen and the battery aledgedly lats ages.

Ravening Wh0re
26-06-2005, 22:30

its true there arent many great titles for it at the moment, but neither does the PSP.
all my friends have both, but whilst the PSP is impressive, and gorgeous looking, it hasnt sold me on its games.
its music and video playing abilities arent ideal for me (i have an iriver)

im happy now. ive been playing the latest advance wars (akak famicom wars)on my DS

27-06-2005, 05:31
How is it? I loved the old advance wars on the gba, both of em. They were really great strategy games, and portable no less!

Ravening Wh0re
27-06-2005, 11:32
It's good!
unfortunately its all in jap. i'll import a US copy when it's out.

you get 2 COs to use in a mission and can swap them round (ending your turn).
when you both have full bars, you can use them simultaneously. this has the added advantage of getting a double turn (like Eagles power) since once youve finish your go, the other CO gets his turn!

the new mega tank is horrible. doesnt have a lot of ammo, and is slow, but is horrendously powerful. blows everything in its path in its way, and is tough as hell.

theres a new sub that can transport infantry and repairs units.

an aircraft carrier. it fires AA missiles

a stealth bomber. you cant detect it in stealth mode (like the sub)

you frequently get 2 battles going on bith screens, but i havent figured out how to control the units on the top screen (i know it can be done somehow)

they seem to have tweaked a lot of the COs, but a lot of them really didnt need tweaking :(
CO powers seem very powerful

28-06-2005, 02:16
Damn it, that could have been one of the most expensive posts on warseer for me. Gunna have to get it when it's out in australia.

Ravening Wh0re
28-06-2005, 02:50

you'd be better off importing a US one when it's out in a month or two. it'll cost much the same (trust me)

ive found out more, i'll post more later

28-06-2005, 18:24
My vote went for the DS. reason: I hate sony.

28-06-2005, 21:00
Most definitely the PSP. I recently travelled to Japan to backpack solo for 3 weeks. During that time, I got to see all the new games and releases that won't be in North America for many months. I played the DS IDogs game, and it stank. Moving a stylus up and down a virtual dog's head and having him bark his appreciation wasn't the most captivating of gameplay. I tried out the new Kirby games and Mariokart, and frankly, I think those games are more suited to the 7-14 gamers, not the 19 - 24 range that market research has proven to be the key generation.

The PSP, however, rocked my sox. The clarity of the movies, which, coincidentally get released at the same time if not earlier than DVDs, and have a massive collection, look stunningly crisp. I've heard people bemoan the apparently small size of the PSP and how the movies would appear to be crap. These naysayers have yet to actually watch a full-length feature: it literally drags you in, so much so that you forget everything else. Just wait until Final Fantasy: Advent Children is released, and you'll feel justified. The sound system is great, and not tinny at all. Plus, it looks sleek and sexy in your hands, unlike the DS, which could pass for a LeapFrog learning station. As for the game library, the PSP has Twisted Metal, Burnout, Lumines (more addictive than Tetris served with a steaming side of crack), Ridge Racers, and many more. With Sony's history of large game releases. I can feel secure in the fact that games won't simply trail off like Nintendo (Game Cube being foremost among them). Wrap this up with WiFi gaming, the possibility of combining your MP3 player, miniDVD player, and PS2 into one slick piece of machinery, and you've got a dominant system.
Granted, the memory sticks can be prohibitively expensive, and the battery life short (12 hours on Music - 6 hours on game - 2 hours UMD), but both these can be remedied by buying a larger stick, or any of the huge amounts of battery accessories (car charger, AC adapter, battery refiller, etc., most of which run the price gamut of only 9.99 - 19.99). Dead pixels have been proven to be a temporary hindrance, which go away typically after a week of playing, and the faulty square button is a relatively small problem (only 1500 of the millions of new releases reported the default). So in reality, there's nothing of any grave seriousness holding buyers back except for imagined quirks.

All in all, the massive capabilites, asthetically pleasing wrap, and overall enjoyment factor of the PSP make it clearly more advantageous to own than the DS, and those who are not yet enjoying this marvel should take the opportunity now to open their eyes to a new era of gaming.

And no, I'm not a Sony rep. :angel:

Ravening Wh0re
28-06-2005, 21:19
I tried out the new Kirby games and Mariokart, and frankly, I think those games are more suited to the 7-14 gamers, not the 19 - 24 range that market research has proven to be the key generation.

It's thinking like this that I can never understand. I guess Sony really has succeeded in it's marketing.
When will gamers come to enjoy games for their gameplay and innovation rather than concentrate on glitzy graphics?

Don't get me wrong, I will be getting a PSP when something decent comes out for it. At the moment though, Lumines is the only one I would play, and doesn't warrant a whole new handheld.

However, on the DS, I have 6 games, and all of them offer either great gameplay or charm.

Oh, and convergence on a gadget does not make it better or more desireable.
Just look at the Ipod, it's the least featured of all MP3 players yet still sells the most.

edit: I would just like to add a couple more things.
There IS one aspect of the PSP I really like. It can be loaded with emulators. This is great because most classics would be available (even Nintendo IP ;)).

Also, I'd like to add that although PSP has Lumines, DS has Meteos. ANd both are spectacular.

Ravening Wh0re
29-06-2005, 00:36
Just to encourage you people to right more about WHY you chose your particular console:

An Open Letter to Fanboys

Since this is the last GameSpotting, I decided it was my last chance to convey my thoughts on a subject so near and dear to my heart: fanboys. Console and PC fanboys are an interesting breed, and they always bring a unique discourse to our forums. Their well-written and wonderfully articulated posts and emails give them a special place in my heart. I don't believe I've ever addressed them directly before, so this is my chance.

Dear Fanboys,

I have a few pieces of advice I want to pass onto you in this GameSpotting. I know that in an age of multiple platforms and a huge amount of games, it can be difficult to remain loyal to one platform or one company. It's a real challenge, and you are all noble and courageous for taking on this quest. I have a few suggestions that I hope you all take to heart. It will help guide you down the path of the fanboy.

GameSpot is the most reliable source for reviews. Except when another publication rates the game you're hyping higher than us. Then that publication is the most reliable source. Until next week, anyway.

A person who owns just one console is inherently less biased than editors at GameSpot who have access to all consoles.

The term "exclusive" is tricky. Its definition changes depending upon whether a hot game appears on your platform or not.

Innovation is what it's called when your console has a unique feature. Otherwise, it's called a gimmick.

Your specific needs are shaped around your platform's features. For instance, if your console doesn't feature HDTV support, then it really wasn't that necessary to have, anyway.

A game that is scored less than a 9.5 on any platform you don't own is called a flop. If it does achieve that score, it's called overrated. (According to the GameSpot rating system, a game rated 8 or above is "great," but we all know that it really means "flop.")

Sales numbers are everything, as long as the numbers are best for your favorite company or console. If that means you have to dig up numbers for sales in New Zealand stores from seven months ago to prove your point, so be it.

Likewise, it is up to you to monitor how companies are doing and report every dip in stock price of manufacturers of other consoles. You're all experts in the fields of economics and finance, so your analyses will always prove correct.

You must realize, that some companies are evil, and some are inherently good. Some companies do it for the money, others do it... so, well, you can brag about them.

Perhaps the most clever thing you as fanboys can do is to come up with derogatory names for competing consoles, such as Xbrick instead of Xbox or FlopStation 2 instead of PlayStation 2.

On message boards, the best way to convey your point is to write in all caps, ignore the rules of grammar, and include lots of "LMAO's" and "LOLs" in your post.

It makes perfect sense to insult a company's lineup one moment and at the same time hope that company will go third party and develop for your console the next.

Playing a game on a different console for ten minutes at a friend's house qualifies you as an expert on that game and console.

You are obviously the most knowledgeable person about hardware. So when you're talking about the difference between CISC and RISC processors, everyone should stop and listen.

A sequel on another console is a "rehash," while a sequel on your console is not; in fact, it's highly anticipated.

Your platform is the best one in existence. Any time you see what might be evidence to the contrary, it's clearly because others are blinded by their idiotic fanboyism.

So you see, dear readers, the best part about being a fanboy is that you can never be proven wrong. As long as you ignore the rules of logic and sensibility, you will never have to worry about whether or not you made a good investment. That sure helps all the insecurity go away, doesn't it?

In the meanwhile, the rest of us will have to go on using our brains to make decisions when it comes to videogames. We will have to actually think about whether or not it's worth it to buy a console based on our needs. We will have to consider forking over more money for a new machine if its games are excellent. We will have to play the best games instead of bash them if they're not on our consoles.

In other words, the rest of us non-fanboys are doomed to a life of playing the best games and enjoying our hobby, while you will have the luxury of being able to ignore the majority of games that come out, because they're not on your console. That is indeed very lucky for you all.

And with that, I must wrap up my letter today. I hope I was able to teach you all a thing or two.

Your Pal,

taken from gamespot :)

29-06-2005, 04:47

It's thinking like this that I can never understand. I guess Sony really has succeeded in it's marketing.

Hardly. I just don't like playing kiddy games. For me, a game is a form of escapism. A chance to get away from work and the hardships of life. I want to be able to do things I normally can't do in real life. Racing stock cars, fighting demons, and blowing up evil clowns (TMB) falls under this category, riding rainbox clouds and petting dogs do not. And it's not Sony's marketing, it's game marketing in general.

When will gamers come to enjoy games for their gameplay and innovation rather than concentrate on glitzy graphics?

Because a game is more than just gameplay and innovation. It's a combination of many elements. Sure, GP and innovation are incredibly important, but a game needs more than that to be a winner. I happen to think that Sony has a good (but admittedly lacking in someplaces) blend of what makes good games.

Oh, and convergence on a gadget does not make it better or more desireable.

That's a matter of personal opinion, not a statement of fact. I like carrying less in my pockets. The IPod is popular not only for being a slick piece of equipment, but for it's sheer simplicity which appeals to many of the less tech-savy music listeners.

Also, I'd like to add that although PSP has Lumines, DS has Meteos.


And by the way, I'm not a fanboy. ;) I own a Sega, NES, XBox, and PS2. And I love every one of them for the different gamestyles. I just happen to like Sony's take on the handheld market.

29-06-2005, 22:22
PSP by a country mile. I imported one a fortnight ago and it was worth every penny. I decided to try out my friend's DS before doing so and hated it, the whole touch screen game thing just irritated me. Just a look at my shiny new PSP influenced the whole office to order one too, now we spend hours of work playing wifi multiplayer.

Love it to bits.