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17-06-2005, 01:43
I finally got an Empire army book today. I've worked up some fluff for a Rebel army participating in an agrarian peasent uprising. All the models (except the odd rebelious millitary regiment) will be represented by converted free company, e.g. the "halberdiers" will be represented by units converted to hold the agricultural implements from the Zombie Sprue 2-handed. As will the dogs of war unit (its just the rules I am using, the models will all be as above).

Tell me what you think:

The Peoples Revolutionary Army

Captain Swing
Empire Captain
Armour of Meteoric Iron
Sword of Justice
101 pts

Toumas Muntzer
Warrior priest
2 handed warhammer, heavy armour and talisman of protection
148 pts

Old Stepan the Wise-ard 135
Level 2 Battle Wiz, Lore Of Heavens
Wizards Staff
Biting Blade
Dispel Scroll

Core Units
The Red Guards
14 Free Company, Sergeant, Musician and standard 95pts

The Farm Labourers Union
20 “Halberdiers” Sergeant, Musician and Standard 145 points

Rebel Handgun Regiment
10 handgunners with Musician and standard (no officer ‘cause they fragged him) 95

Red Quarrels
10 Crossbowmen 80

10 Huntsmen with marksman 86

Special Units

Looted Great Cannon, 100 points

2 units of 5&6 Pistoliers each with Marksmen with Repeater handguns 117 & 136

Jakke Strawe and his Battle dogs
(counts as Pizarros lost legion, with 4 ranks of 5, front have Crossbow pikes for everyone else)
260 pts

Tactics, shoot the crap out of everything, then nail them on the three combat units. (Pizzaros advancing ahead of the rest so hopefully it will absorb any charge, with the other two units at the side covering the flanks). 2 Characters go with the free company to bring it up to 16 strong. Banditti advance up the flanks to take out anything annoying or **** off the enemy and maybe bag any lone wizards/war machines. I am going to use predominantly sombre coulors and odd shades of green brown and red + lots of good lefty imagery on the banners, a few hammers and sickles (well it is an Empire force with agrarian roots), red stars that sort of thing.

17-06-2005, 02:54
Definatly a nice theme, but there are things i would advise changing, if just to cut down points and increase effectiveness, without an impact on your theme. Lose the captains shield, it isn't doing anything. Lose the Talisman of protection, that 6+ won't do much good, virtually ever. The biting blade on the wizard is a bit of a waste, if he ever gets in combat, something has gone wrong, and he only has one attack at WS3 and S3, coupled with the biting blade being a bad weapon. If you are going to use the free company as an infantry unit, I would say they need to be at least 25 strong, those extra 5 over your others due to their complete lack of armour. The standard on the handgunners is a bad idea, its free VP's for the enemy, and you unit isnt large enough to win any combats(not that you want them in combat). I advise making the two shooting units detatchments of your halberdiers, so when they flee(you don't want them in combat), they wont cause panic. A unit of 10 huntsmen is unwieldly, cut it down to 5, no marksman, they should mainly be used for marchblocking anyway. Can't go wrong with pistoliers. Cool DoW choice, no comments + or -, they could be used for theme(bit expensive though) Maybe instead of jack straw and his pikemen, take some DoW heavy cav, they wont be as heavily armoured as knights, and could be modeled like they had odd bits of armour or pots and pans as parts or armour or helmets. They would also provide your army with a hammer, and a cool escort for your general.

17-06-2005, 09:41
The Red Guards
14 Free Company, Sergeant, Musician and standard 95pts

This is a rather small unit - I would consider upping it a bit to at least get full rank bonus.

17-06-2005, 20:29
Cheers, good comments.

Just to clarify, the preist with the Warhammer has a Holy Relic. (4+ ward). Fair enough I'll drop the standard on the riflemen. If I drop the biting Blade and 1 huntsman thats another 4 free company, which'll bring the unit up to 20 with the two characters.

As for detatchments, that smacks of being slightly out of character with the army theme. Thanks all the same.

Freak Ona Leash
17-06-2005, 20:34
I would've named the Captain Karl Von Marx, but thats just me:D Hehe, commie Empire. Such a cool theme.

17-06-2005, 21:17
I would've named the Captain Karl Von Marx, but thats just me:D Hehe, commie Empire. Such a cool theme.
Man if I had any converting skillz at all I'd do their heads and faces to resemble famous Marxists and revolutionaries (you could probably do Lenin easy enough, Bald head, small tash and pointy beard, wouldn't be too hard) but unfortunately I am so cack-handed, I can barely paint let alone convert.

I'm sticking to the idea of a pre-modern agrarian revolt, Captain Swing and Jack Straw were fairly generic names that were used at various times. As I expand it'll probably have a King Mob as well. Toumas Muintzer was a real guy, a monk who led a Peasent uprising in one of the German kingdoms. The DRG government put up a monument and tourist centre for him, the only christian figure from german history they ever extended that courtesy to.

19-06-2005, 12:50
you could probably do Lenin easy enough, Bald head, small tash and pointy beard, wouldn't be too hard

There is one head in the Empire militia sprue that actually comes pretty close to this. :)