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17-06-2005, 03:41
Okay, so I was musing about the empire and an army to use, and an idea popped into my head, to use handgunners as a screen for my infantry, as detatchments. They would advance at the same pace as my army, and once my position was favorable, would stop, and open fire. 21 handgunners is a decent number, and could knock a fair few enemies to the ground. The BSB would be so my infantry hold under most circumstances, and the 2 outer infantry units would secure the flank of my central infantry unit, and thier flanks would be held by it, and the detatchments of free company. The two cav units would hang back to intercept break-throughs, destroy marchblockers, and help hold either flank. They could also be used for a small flanking force if the enemy didnt have much shooting(ideally none at all). The Great Cannon would do its thing, likely unprotected, but hopefully eliminating targets in the first two turns. The Rod caddy would stave off most magic, unless the enemy went really overboard. The general is pretty survivable, and would do well to tip the balance in the favour of one of my infantry units(the positioning of my characters hasn't yet been decided, and any help to do with that would be appreciated). I have also never used a BSB, any tips involving him would be nice. Here is the list.

Armour of Meteoric Iron
Great Weapon

Battle Standard Bearer
Full Plate Armour

Battle Wizard-105pts
Rod of Power

Full Command
10xFree Company(detatchment)

Full Command
10xFree Company(detatchment)

Full Command

6xKnightly Order-162pts

Champion w/ Repeater Pistol

1xGreat Cannon-100pts

Total: 1493pts

17-06-2005, 05:05
Well, I really can't see any major flaws in the list.

Being all nitpicky, however, a few comments -

1) Put the Captain on a barded warhorse and give him the full Knight kit (full plate, shield, barding), a GW and a Holy Relic.

2) Give the Armour of Meteoric Iron to the BSB.

Basically, the General plays missile magnet - as a T4 character with a 1+/4+ save, no one is going to waste shots on him except stuff like cannon and single-shot bolt throwers, in which case you have a 50/50 chance of saving any wounds. At the same time, your BSB is also a LOT better-protected.

If you want to save points, you could also give him a barded warhorse for a 2+ save, but that's only if the other guy is light on shooting.

For a full run-down on fielding mounted Empire characters in an infantry army, drop by warhammer-empire.com and check out :

3) Drop some handgunners/champion for the Knight/4 spearmen for an extra cannon? It would be a great help, not so much to deal with chariots and large monsters, which you should'nt see many of in a 1500-point game, but rather, to smash up enemy war machines and forcing them to come to you..

2 cannon can do a bang-up job of smashing apart two Elven RBTs, especially since you DON'T have to randomise hits, and suddenly, your infantry blocks are looking a lot safer.

17-06-2005, 07:02
Good ideas, I have always been tempted to use a mounted general in the way TVI uses them, maybe this theorhetical list will be the one to do it. Yeah, an extra cannon would definetly be good, but the points to get one might be hard to find, especially if i beef up my captain. What would you think of a pegasus Captain being in this list in stead of a BSB?

17-06-2005, 08:10
I have found mounted characters by themselves usually don't work out too great.

Maybe a dispell scroll... a magic heavy army will have a field day. Yes only 1500 pts, but some army's like TombKings.. VC can be a hard army to face. Granted our shooting will rain death. I second the purchasing a second cannon :)

Other then that, I like the list good job :)

17-06-2005, 08:36
Cool, so the concensus in another cannon, ill find a way then, but i should ideally have some defence for 200 pts sitting back there. I think ill lose the bsb and trim some from somewhere to buy the other cannon. Break tests wont be this armies problem, panic will, especially with them being so close together. I'll come up with a revised list tomorrow.

10-07-2005, 23:38
The list is REALLY solid as is right now, i would not suggest another cannon, as in doing that you would have to invest points in protection, which would come out of your battleline(knights probably). WIthout this support your infantry can easily become isolated by a swifter enemy and destryoyed peicemeal because of open flanks etc... The only thing that i woud change is your handgunner tactics, without being able to move/shoot, any turn you march will be a lost shooting phase. On top of that, with their special 1st turn of shooting rule, they will most likely be in range on the first turn(on a 4x4 or 4x5 table). Therefor, with some strategic deployment, you should be able to achieve maximum shooting. Also, if they were to screen, they would be forced to flee when they ventually get charged, wich would leave a redirect into your swordsmen, not that bad, but then you will lose the stand and shoot that you paid for in the detachment. Also, your units have the numbers to sustain a few casualties, and in a shooting contest, you should win. GL