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23-07-2006, 22:00
OK the plan is for a heavily foot based army with plenty of missile support.

Captain + great weapon and armour of meteoric iron = 84p
+ 19 Great swords with standard bearer and musician = 246p

20 Swordsmen + FC = 165p
+ 8 Halbardiers = 48p

10 Handgunners = 80p

10 Handgunners = 80p

5 Knights = 115p

1 Mortar = 75p

1 Cannon = 100p

The basic idea is to draw my opponants onto my strong center while defending my flanks with the handgunners and knights. The morter and cannon thin down the enemy before the block infantry engages and destroys them.

So what do people think?


24-07-2006, 12:51
I think for fluff reasons and gaming reasons you should use Pistoliers instead of Knights. Marchblocking with the amount of shooting you have would be priceless.

I have always had better luck with a pair of cannon than one mortar/one cannon. Cannon are just so much more versatile and accurate.

Thats a lot of Greatswords, I would spend some points elsewhere. They're best with a BSB.

I like Halberdier detachments 10 strong so they can take another casualty before panic tests, and they stay unit strength 5 longer. For only 12 points its really worth it.

No magic at all? A Gold Wizard would fit well fluffwise and its always fun to at least participate in each phase of the game. A level 2 with Rule of Burning Iron can typically cast it on one die, and use the other three for his second spell.

I like Handgunner detachments rather than units, because they dont panic war machines if they run by...

24-07-2006, 20:56
OK thanks for the responce. The main reason I went for the large unit of Great swords is the fact that they will probably be taking quite a bit of punnishment during games and I want them to remain effective for as long as possible.

I agree that the mortar may do well as a cannon but I can't switch the knights for pistoliers as that takes me over the limit of three special slots (cannon, morter, greatswords and pistoliers make four).

I also want to keep the handgunners seperate as it means they can be a lot more flexible in where I can deploy them plus too many detachments can foul up a battleline.

As for magic. How would I find the points? If I drop the Captain I'm sacrificing leadership and combat power for maybe a spell a turn (if I'm lucky). In addition to this he would also work out to be more expencive than my kitted out captain (84 vs 95)

I could drop a unit or two but this may prove equaly disaterous. What i'll probably do is go magic light but paint up a wizard and swich him in for a cannon if I find that I need help in the magic phase.


Crazy Harborc
25-07-2006, 01:45
IMHO, have several "extra units". It's a great advantage to keep opponents guessing your armie's unit makeup in a coming battle.

Many/most of the WHFB armies can play well without a magic phase. Depending on your opponent's army choice, great games can/do happen without a wizard and or bound spells in every darn game.;)

25-07-2006, 02:21
I agree. I could keep the wizard for battles which actualy needs me to have one (i.e when playing against undead for instance). In low level games I feel that people go for combat more than magic (it tends to be a bit more reliable).

Keep the ideas comming please.