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23-07-2006, 22:29
Otherwise known as my lass...

She's pushing me into finishing an army soon, aswell as desprueing everything I own into containers, which to be honest, isn't the most fun job todo *theres well over several hundred pounds worth of kit that needs doing*

But in an effort to achieve a stay of execution from death by boredom, I'm going to get round to actually finishing an army, to a decent standard. In an effort to break my duck of not completed an army properly for the last three years, I'm going to attempt a blog, soon with pictures, to stir me into finishing a project for a change.

Unfortunatly, this means my Pre heresy Space Wolves, Deathwing, Green Scorpion custon chapter, Tau, Empire, Gondor and dwarf armies are all gonna fall by the wayside, as I go to build an all mounted, 2000 point Tzeentch Mortal army...

So far I have 5 mounted marauders put together, along with 6 built and 6 unbuilt knights of chaos.

The plan is to have one 12 man unit of tzeentch chosen, two 10 man units of tzeentch knights, two 5 man marauder units, and three tzeentch heroes.

Colour scheme -

A hard choice, and I didn't want to go for the normal blue armour, so have chosen brazen brass as the main colour, other colours will get worked around that, but it will be the colour, and with each knight unit having a single style of shield, and all armed with the knight sword, that will hopefully unify the 'Brotherhood of the Blade'

So thats my little story, the target is to have this army finished by WFB 7th edition release day, which gives me approximately 7 weeks to complete it.

here goes I guess....

Chris W